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Affairs: Can your marriage survive an unfaithful spouse?

By: Piper Cox

An affair is one of the most devastating things that can happen in a marriage. Some couples decide to end their marriage after someone is unfaithful. However, many couples try to salvage their relationship and move on. But is it really possible? 

Overcoming an affair is not an easy task. Both parties need to agree to fix the marriage problems. If one is reluctant to open up and deal with the issue, then every step becomes useless. Since the vow has been crushed, you will need to rebuild the marriage foundation. Although infidelity involves extreme emotional pain, it doesn’t need to be the end of your marriage. You can start over again simply by following these tips. 

Talk About All Issues 

The first step in overcoming an affair is to bring all the issues out in the open. Infidelity thrives in secrecy. If you want to fix your marriage, then this is the time to open the lines of communication. There should be no reason to keep things from each other. No matter how painful the truth is, your partner ought to know the reason behind your betrayal. You can fully overcome an affair if you still have some unresolved marriage problems. 

Stop the Blame 

No matter how much you deny it, you both have made mistakes in the marriage. You cannot start moving past an affair by blaming each other. Understand your shortcomings and work on ways to correct them. This time, be careful in making promises and then honor them. You need to work on rebuilding the trust in your relationship. 

Move On 

Once you have both agreed on saving your marriage, you need to move past the affair. Do not keep on bringing back the old issues. It will only make things worse. Learn from it; forget the mistake but not the lessons from it. 

Seek Support 

If you think you cannot handle the situation on your own, you can ask somebody whom you trust to help you in mending your relationship. Sometimes, you need to get the views of others to understand your situation well. However, don’t make it a habit of airing your dirty laundry to anyone who will listen. Choose people you trust. If necessary, you can have a professional marital counselor to help you see things clearly. 

Give Time and Space 

Mending a broken heart can take time, especially if it is due to infidelity. If your partner asks for space, be generous enough to provide what is asked for. However, let your partner feel that you are still waiting for them to come back. The few moments they spend alone can help them see the whole scenario and think more objectively. 


Forgiveness does not come easy. But it is a major pre-requisite in overcoming an affair. If you want to rebuild the relationship on stronger foundations, forgiveness should be part of the ingredients. 

It is possible to rescue your relationship, but it will take work. Make sure you have forgiveness and compassion in your heart for the best results. 

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Article Source: Your Marriage Survive An Unfaithful Spouse?

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