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40 and fabulous skin

How to Achieve Great Looking Skin Well Past your 40s

By: Steven James

Because makeup looks best on great skin, the trend’s focus quickly shifted to skin-improving products and procedures. With the introduction of microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing, dermatologists became the go-to complexion-perfection experts and soon after that, there was a rebirth in at-home exfoliators, and face creams went high-tech with smoothing, firming and brightening effects. Ever since flawless-looking skin became a trend a few years ago, some of the biggest beauty breakthroughs have come about. Sheer foundations became makeup-artist favourites but, for many women, cosmetics could only do so much.

Through all this, foundations evolved to enhance our now carefully maintained complexions. New textures mimic the look of skin, shades more closely match a wider range of tones, and many formulas address sensitivity and anti-aging issues. Thankfully, for those who struggle with hyperpigmentation or occasional breakouts, today’s foundations can still deliver beautiful results in medium- to full-coverage formulas.

For our April  Homemakers Magazine story on foundation choices, we consulted Chase Aston, international makeup artist and spokesperson for The Body Shop Makeup. Here, he offers application advice for the 40+ woman, as well as tips on what formula works best for each skin type and coverage requirements.

Once you reach your 40s, your skin can start to look and feel dry and dehydrated. Prep with a non-greasy moisturizer. Follow with a hydrating foundation, then, with a large brush, lightly dust with pressed powder to set it. Use a tinted moisturizer, such as Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer ($40 at Holt Renfrew and Sephora), for a sheer effect, or a cream foundation, such as Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Makeup SPF 15 ($48 at select department stores), for medium to full coverage. 


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