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Texting teens: Does it interfere with school?

By Piper Cox

Texting teens and school all go hand in hand because one way or the other, they each have a connection. The fact is that most teens have cell phones and the primary way to communicate is through texting. As a result, texting has become a real problem in schools.  A lot of professors have now found it a disheartening fact that texting has caused a lot of their students to fail in class as well as to not perform the way they used to. Schools around the world are now finding solutions to what they can do to avoid the occurrence of situations like these in the future.

Texting has made communication very easy, they can share conversations in the middle of the class without being too obvious because of the small phones that provide fast quiet texting. Of course there are good sides to texting but only as long as things are done in the proper time and place. It is not a hidden fact that texting has also revolutionized the way people can communicate even around the world, but with that breakthrough comes a downside – teens in class do not listen attentively anymore.

The ability of teens to disregard school rules because of too much texting has caused them to show disrespect to school policies as well as to their professors. It is a sad reality that technology has led many of our teens astray because of too much involvement in technology and eventually foregoing the manners that their families have been teaching them for so long.

The manners that you show not only at home but in school define the person you are. It is not a sin to indulge ourselves in life’s little pleasures such as mobile phones, high tech gadgets and the like; as long as we know how to keep ourselves grounded. Stay grounded to the reality that these things may be taken away from you, but the manners that you show will remain rooted within you for as long as you live.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children about proper use of cell phones and texting.  First of all, kids needs to understand that texting while in school, church, or at a cultural event is just poor manners. It shows a total disregard for the people who have put forth effort to plan and prepare for the event.  Second, parents need to explain to their children the consequences of texting in school, even if it is innocently.  If a student is caught texting during an exam, the teacher could assume the student is cheating – even if that is not the case. Students would be better off to keep their cell phones turned off and stowed in their backpacks during class.

Cell phones are a wonderful thing. They help parents and children stay in touch. However, care needs to be taken that kids today learn the importance of using good manners and following rules. They will get further in life if they learn these skills. 

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