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Spring Clean While Being Green

Spring is just around the corner, or, for some of us, it has already arrived in the form of blooming flowers and swirling pollen (a-choo!). While the yellow powder may settle on everything from your car to the patio furniture, clutter and dust may have likewise layered everything inside your home during a long, insular winter.

Spring cleaning has remained a seasonal right for many homeowners as a way to usher in the warmth and start anew. There is nothing more refreshing than the prospect of removing all the dust and build-up from your home and wiping away the stuffiness by cleaning EVERYTHING. It is why spring cleaning has remained a tradition for many homeowners as a way to shed the stagnancy of winter and get underway with spring.

At the same time, spring cleaning typically involves the heavy use of toxic chemicals in a short amount of time, an idea that discourages some homeowners from spring cleaning. Green cleaning, or cleaning with environmentally friendly products and consciousness, has become a popular option as more homeowners turn to health-conscious ways in cleaning their home and avoiding the harmful properties of cleaning chemicals on the health of their families and pets. Another goal of green cleaning is to find ways to reduce the overall clutter accumulated in a home and cut overspending in products that, frankly, many homeowners don’t need.

Here are 5 ways you can green clean your way into spring:

Use vinegar and hot water solution to clean windows and other surfaces instead of toxic ammonia-based products that emit harmful fumes and degrade surfaces over time. It’s simple to make, cheaper, and readily available, as most people usually have both ingredients somewhere in their home.

Use natural sea sponges instead of polyester cloths – Natural sea sponges are not only stronger, they are also more effective in cleaning any type of surface. They also help prevent the production of synthetically produced cleaning tools and are a cinch to clean and store.

De-clutter as much as possible – Recycle, donate, and refurbish your old or unused clothes or furniture. If you don’t use them, someone else will.  De-cluttering has several benefits: it slows down the accumulation of dust, creates more openness in the home, and allows you to buy newer things that you have always wanted but could never find the space. Also be sure to de-clutter over time; there is no way to do this for every room in the home over one weekend. Spread it out so that you don’t become too exhausted and end up throwing out things that you actually need.

Refurbish before buying – At the same time, don’t de-clutter simply for the sake of buying new things. Chances are, there are plenty of things around your home that could work just fine with a bit of retouching. The best part is, you don’t have to use any toxic chemicals! Soak rusty tools in a salt and lime juice solution for a few hours and get a whole new set of tools. Also, using a water and vinegar solution on wooden furniture can help renew the shine.

Odor-free with lemons – Keep half a lemon uncovered in your fridge to get rid of any malodorous smells as an effective replacement for baking powder. It’s cheaper, takes up less space, and is capable of composting afterwards.

In many ways, green cleaning should bring the easiest spring cleaning job you’ve ever done. After all, by using products that you already have in your home and kitchen, green cleaning ends up being a much more affordable and convenient way of cleaning your home. It also prevents several toxic chemicals from leaving behind their emissions behind and causing potential respiratory problems. Many cleaning chemicals are known for being too abrasive and corrosive, causing countertops and other surfaces to experience faster degradation.

Other methods to consider in green cleaning that will show long-term benefits are regular dusting, changing the air conditioning filters, and checking up on your home’s insulation. Once the temperature starts to rise for the summer, having a sturdy insulation system in place will do wonders in keeping your air conditioning cost to a minimum. It will also prevent additional fossil fuels from being used, helping to preserve the environment and its resources.

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  1. Petunia GreenBeans

    June 2, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Yes! Vinegar is the BOMB!! I use it to clean practically everything, even my dishes!

    Off to declutter…I know my kids are under here somewhere ;)

    Great tips!

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