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Pet Peeves

We all have little things that irritate us. (And no, I’m not talking about the cardboard-like tag on the back of your t-shirt either.) I’m talking about pet peeves–those little things people do or say, or annoying situations. You know, little scenarios that make you just want to pull out your hair or punch somebody right in the nose.

Recently, I had a day when (darn near) every single one of these buttons were pushed. My therapist thought it would be good for me to “let ’em out.” So, in needing a good blog topic, I thought I would share them with you all.  And no, this is not some “Myers-Briggs” assessment to find out if an ENTJ gets along with ISFP. Just a way to share the little things that drives me nuts.

Robb’s Top 10 Pet Peeves

10. Being Late. I try to pride myself in always being on time whether it be work, parties or dinner dates. I even try to get there a smidge early just in case. Why is it, that some people are late EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.?!? I understand things come up every now and then. But every time? For everything? Make a little effort people!

9. People who tell you they will be there, then don’t show. Contrary to #10, I’d rather you come late then not show up at all. When you plan an event and invite guests, it usually means you enjoy their company (or maybe you just feel sorry for them). Hence, you look forward to them being there. You buy a certain amount of food and anticipate them participating in the event. Or, maybe you just want to see them. They tell you “Heck ya, I’ll be there!” You get excited. Then…they don’t show. Grrrrrrr. If you really don’t want to come, that’s okay. Just tell me.

8. “Is Pepsi OK?” No, actually it’s not okay. That’s why I ordered Coke. If I wanted Pepsi, I would have gone to another restaurant. I wanted a Coke, so I came to your restaurant. (Sidenote: I do make an exception for the new Pepsi Throwback because it’s made with real sugar…yummo!)

7. Bad drivers: Is it really that hard to put on a turn signal? Hey, the light is GREEN, you can go now!  Or, do you really need to follow so close that you can seen my eye color through the reflection of my mirror? Seriously people, back the <blank> up!

6. Loose wheel on a grocery cart. Yes it’s petty, but it drives me nuts. Unless you’re a self-sufficient farmer or a recluse, you’ve all been to the grocery and had one of those carts. How hard would it be to fix the darn thing? I mean, you can hear it coming from produce when you’re in the pet food aisle across the store. Memo to management: Take it out of service or fix the darn wheel!

5. Leaving food or drink that wouldn’t even satisfy an amoeba’s hunger or thirst. Please tell me why you would leave a teaspoon of milk in the container? Or, nothing but crunched up crumbs in the chips bag. But my all-time favorite is the ONE lone chocolate chip cookie left in the bag. Seriously, who can just eat ONE cookie? Am I supposed to eat it while drinking that one teaspoon of milk?

4. Hot dog buns and packages of hot dogs not equaling the same. Yet another food phenomenon that baffles me. Why would you have a package of buns with 8 buns? Yet hotdogs are usually sold in quantities of  6, 10, or 12 ? Maybe I shop at the wrong supermarkets (probably the same ones with the loose wheels on the cart), but I just don’t get it.

3. Being hung up on. I know I can be abrasive when I get into an argument. (Yes, it’s true and hard to believe, I know.) However, there’s no reason to hang up on people. It’s irritating. It’s rude. And, quite frankly, there is no greater sign of disrespect (in my humble opinion) than to be hung up on. 

2. Not returning messages. Again, I understand that we all get busy. We all have things going on. But if someone is taking the time to call, text, write, or whatever, it should not be that hard to offer some sort of reply. Even if it’s, “Hey, I’m super busy. Let me get back with you later.” Again, it’s a matter of respect.

And my #1 pet peeve of ALL TIME:

1. Hen Pecking. “Did you get that done yet?” “Were you going to get that done?” “Is that little thing done yet?” “Hey, did you call and make that appointment?” “Have you called yet?” Nope, just like when you asked me the third and fourth time, it’s still not done. But believe me, once it gets done you will be the first to know. Please tell me why some people feel the need to ask the SAME.EXACT.THING. three or four times? Easy there, Trigger! It will get done!

So there you have it. The Top 10 little things that annoy me.  Some are petty. Some are quirky. And others…are what they are. However you want to phrase it, they still make want to grind my teeth.

So, if you’re planning on coming to one of my shindigs, please come and be on time. While you’re there, feel free to eat the last cookie and drink all my milk. If we’re having a phone chat, please don’t hang up on me. And whatever you do, DO NOT ask me three or four times, “Did you get that done yet?” Thanks.

Hey, I do feel better now.  Allen the therapist will be proud.

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[author_info]About the Author

Robb J. is one of our regular Parenting and Man Cave contributors who is stuck somewhere in the middle of a paradigm shift and the status quo. He is a  41-year-old single dad who likes swimming in the deep end without the use of floaties. He raises two daughters–a teen and a preteen. He would appreciate a moment of silence for that. [/author_info][/author]

Stuck somewhere in the middle of a paradigm shift and the status quo, Robb J. is a 41-year-old, single dad who likes swimming in the deep end without the use of floaties. Born and raised in small community in central Indiana (and living in the fame and popularity shadow of brunette cheerleaders who were a year older), he lives his life with small town values, while never taking himself or life’s daily dilemmas too serious.

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  1. Prime Parents' Club

    July 8, 2011 at 9:33 am

    So the Coke/Pepsi thing makes me INSANE. I say “Diet Coke” then I mean DIET COKE. I love the people who don’t even clarify and bring you Diet Pepsi thinking you won’t notice. I take one sip, hand it back and say, “You have Pepsi products. I’ll have water.”


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