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Parent and Student | Juggling Two Roles

Being a parent and a student at the same time is no easy feat. Having the responsibility of children is already hard enough. In addition, a parent has to work in order to support the family on top of paying off educational expenses. However, juggling the roles of being a parent and a student is easier than before thanks to online learning courses.

For a parent with a stretched schedule, online learning is more convenient and allows for more flexibility. Online lectures are usually performed through videos that can be watched at your convenience or through prepared documents that are readily available for students to download. Instead of having to participate in classroom discussions, online classes utilize tools such as chat rooms and forums to incorporate that sense of community and discussion within the class despite everyone attending remotely.  With the mandatory time to attend class eliminated, this frees up a lot of time for the you to handle other responsibilities such as caring for kids and spending time with the family.

While you may be required to juggle school, work and family life, you can’t forget about putting aside time for yourself as well as quality time for the family. Neglecting both will most likely lead to negative effects such as more stress, depression, and family problems.  Like an education, spending time with the family is an investment. This time spent together can help nurture a healthy and loving household for the children as they grow up.

There are many parents today choosing online learning in order to find better jobs for themselves and improve their family life. With a little planning, online learning allows you to work around your job and maintain a relatively normal family schedule.

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Guest writer Jody is a fitness lover who’s still enrolled in online learning to finish her degree. In her free time she enjoys volunteering at environmental organizations and spending time with her son.

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