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How to Be the Best Soccer Mom

Many people argue that soccer moms have the hardest job in the world. If you are one, you probably agree. Indeed, being a mother, a housewife and a business women requires balance, concentration and sometimes even motivation.

Unfortunately, many mothers crumble under the pressure. However, there are ways to make your job as a soccer mom easier. Consider these tips to help you be the best soccer mom that you can.

Have Your Own Time

This is very important for everyone, especially soccer moms. Running errands, cleaning and being on call all day is very stressful. Therefore, soccer moms should have a set time for themselves every day. Your free time doesn’t need to be fancy or complex. Even a simple walk will help relieve your stress. However, the occasional date night or evening jog is more than enough.

If you don’t take time for yourself every day, stress may affect your life. While stress may not seem dangerous, it can cause depression, high blood pressure and other conditions.

Create a List

Simple lists organize your day. You don’t need a complex spreadsheet of all the daily activities to stay organized, though it may help obsessive-compulsive mothers. Think about the tasks that must be completed by certain days, and keep the list and copies of the list in easy to see places.

Also, avoid adding general items to the list. Typically, long lists tend to cause anxiety and stress for some people. Though the items are simple, it is the fact that they make the list longer that is the problem.

Here is an example of an ideal list:

. May 09 – Julie’s cheerleading practice
. May 15 – Electric bill is due
. June 1 – Jim’s football practice
. June 2 – Dinner with Tim’s family

As you can see, only the important items are listed. Generic items, such as chores and dinner are left to common knowledge, though some mothers make a dinner list for every day of the week.

Ask for Help

There is nothing wrong with a little help. Of course, the dad should be the first person to step up to the challenge; however, consider asking extended family members as well. You will have an easier time completing errands if someone offers to watch your kids while you are out. Additionally, you will feel like there is less house work if your husband washes the dishes or cleans the living room.


Creativity is the key for successful soccer moms, though there is no standard for success. Think about your life and what works for you. You may need to create your own tips and tricks to help you be the best soccer mom that you can.


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