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Ergonomic Chairs for Your Man Cave

Whether it is a garage, an office, spare bedroom or basement, the man cave is a man’s private area, allowing you space and refuge to enjoy what you love. A necessity for every man cave is a comfortable, ergonomic chair that will permit you to sit hours upon hours.

Ergonomics is the study of designing devices and equipment that will appropriately and comfortably match the human body and its movements. An ergonomic chair consists of materials and components that have a high therapeutic significance, thus improving comfort and efficiency. A few reasons why an ergonomic chair is right for your man cave:

• Comfort – Ergonomic chairs are designed for maximum comfort levels. With adjustable seating and reclining you can ensure luxury sitting is always present in your man cave.

• Pain reliever – Most commonly, we complain of back and neck pain when sitting in our chairs. Ergonomic chairs will help to ease your back and body pain, as well as maintain proper circulation throughout your body. With varied lumbar support and differing adjustments, you can be sure appropriate blood flow reaches your knees and legs. A rounded front edge of a chair will also help assist with proper circulation in the legs. Armrests are another key feature in ergonomic chairs that will help relieve back pain and pressure. Be sure your armrests are adjustable so as to not position too much stress on your shoulders.

• Efficiency – When in your man cave you want to be certain that your time is well spent doing what you really enjoy doing. Your ergonomic chair will accommodate various tilt and reclining positions to support your changing needs throughout the day, whether that be reclining back to watch the game, productively sitting upright at your computer desk, or just resting and relaxing. Ergonomic chairs will also feature extremely resourceful fabric, which is breathable and allows for easy cleanups.

There are many different types of ergonomic chairs you will need to consider for your man cave. Depending on your height, weight and needs, review the options below to determine which chair fits you best.

High Back Ergonomic Chair
This chair will help relieve some serious back problems. Designed to support the head, neck, shoulders and back, a high back chair will keep your body relaxed and reduce pressure.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chair
This chair specializes in adjusting and promoting proper posture through a modified kneeling position. The chair has no back and issues your weight amid your hips and your knees. This decreases lumbar tension in your lower back and leg muscles. The forward slanting seat provides for a proper spinal position. This chair is beneficial for those needing to correct their posture or fix a bad slouch.

Ball Ergonomic Chair
An ergonomic chair that is also a piece of exercise equipment encourages movement and activity while sitting. The ball, and therefore, bouncing effect it provides for leg movement help develop leg and back muscles. Keeping these muscles busy and active help fight stress and fatigue, and the balance and positioning required will result in an improved posture.

Your man cave must provide comfort and relaxation and ergonomic chairs will provide you with just that. Research and review your options, then sit back and relax.


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