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Sunglasses: Choosing Cool Shades for Summer

Clothes aren’t the only thing that should be on-trend, you also need to consider sunglasses. I mean, who doesn’t feel super cool with a great pair of shades? But, with so many styles of sunglasses on the market, it may seem like a daunting task to purchase the right pair. While your vision should be the primary concern, face shape, skin tone and hair style also play important roles in choosing an attractive and functional pair of sunglasses. Here are a few tips for selecting the most flattering sunglass frames for your face.

Sunglasses For Men and Women

How to Pick the Best Sunglasses

Sunglass Shopping Tip #1: COMPLEXION

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Fair, medium and dark complexions can benefit from various sunglass frames and lens tints.

Fair-skinned individuals look best with rose or amber-tinted lenses and light-colored tortoiseshell frames.

Sunglasses with silver, gold or clear frames can give olive-skinned individuals a wonderful appearance.

Anyone with dark skin looks best in metallic frames, which can provide a wonderful contrast.

Sunglass Shopping Tip #2: FACE SHAPE

Face shape is a definite consideration for sunglasses. (That’s why sunglasses that look great on your friend look awful on you when you try them on!)

Oval – Individuals with oval-shaped faces have the luck of being able to wear virtually every eyeglass style. If you have been graced with an oval face, try on several different frames to figure out which one suits your personality the best.

Buy women's RayBan tortoise shell sunglasses (AFFILIATE)Square – Faces that are square-shaped are defined by a strong, prominent jaw, square chin and a wide forehead and cheekbones. The right pair of sunglasses can soften a square-shaped face. Round, oval and cat-eyes glasses will provide balance to this shape. Geometric and square-shaped frames should be avoided.

Round – Round faces tend to have full cheeks and a rounded chin. Frames that are of equal or greater width than the broadest part of the face can make round-faced individuals look thinner. Rectangular sunglass styles or glasses that have a brow bar work best for round faces. Keep away from small frames that don’t highlight the face.

Diamond – Diamond-shaped faces are described as having a narrow forehead with wide, angular cheekbones. Oval, square and rimless sunglasses can all work well, while narrow frames do little to give this face shape proper balance.

Heart – Heart-shaped faces are broad at the forehead and then gently narrow. Sunglasses that work best for this shape of face include bottom-heavy frames and styles that accentuate the lower bottom of the face. Steer clear of sunglasses that have a top-heavy appearance and frames with fanciful temples.

Oblong – Oblong-shaped faces need to be widened and shortened. This effect can best be achieved by wearing sunglasses that are round or square. Small frames don’t work well on this face shape, which needs taller frames in order to shorten facial features.

Triangular – Triangle-shaped faces are usually narrow at the forehead and gently widen toward s the chin. Cats-eye glass frames and frames that have rimless bottoms can be flattering styles for anyone with this face shape. Narrow frames and frames with low-set temples should be avoided.

Sunglass Shopping Tip #3: HAIR STYLE

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Rimless sunglasses look great with curly hair, while geometric and round sunglass frames look fabulous on anyone with a short hair style. Since long hair can be worn several different ways, people with longer locks should try sunglasses on with their hair down and then again with it pulled back to see which frames are most attractive.

Also, you may want to consider hair color when choosing the color of frames.

Like other pieces of your wardrobe, sunglasses can reflect your own personal style. But they need to protect your eyes as well. If you’re not sure which style frame or lens is best, you’ll want to meet with your eye care provider to have a thorough exam and try on a variety of sunglasses to find your perfect pair.

About the Author

Guest writer Carina Sullivan is an eyewear consultant specializing in contact lenses, and she is especially excited about all the new research for contact lenses for astigmatism such as toric lenses.


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