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Fit Father Means Happier Family Life

It can be difficult to find the time to attend to all of the things dads have to do throughout the day. The people at their jobs depend on them for things, and when they go home their families take over for co-workers, bosses and subordinates. Dad’s can be stuck with so many responsibilities whether it is purchasing car insurance, painting the house, mowing the lawn, or helping the kids with homework. But these seven fitness tips will aid busy dads in their quest for increased physical fitness.

1. Purchase Organic Foods

Organic foods have been grown in better conditions than non-organic foods and do not contain the pesticides that other foods contain. The other advantage of organic foods is that they are much better tasting than non-organic. Even though they will be more expensive, organic foods are a much healthier alternative. Most people today don’t realize what exactly they are putting in their mouth. All the processed foods that are now part of our everyday diets can wreak havoc on our bodies. It is so easy to just stop at a fast food restaurant and grab a quick bite to eat because it is cheap and quick. Try to resist this temptation and only eat fast food when you have no other choice. Moderation is key.

2. Spend Less Time on the Couch

As busy dads know, the amount of time that they have to spend with their families can be scarce. Spending it sitting in front of the TV decreases this time even more. It also prevents people from being in the best shape they can be in because they are not getting enough exercise. The amount of time people spend on the computer and playing video games also adds to the many reasons that dads, as well as their kids, are overweight.

This presents an opportunity for busy dads to spend more quality time with their kids as well as promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the family. Several activities can be experienced by the entire family that will keep everyone away from their electronic devices like:

• Bike riding,
• Playing sports,
• Taking hiking trips,
• Swimming,
• Surfing,
• Skiing,
• Rock climbing,
• Playing tennis,
• Playing golf,
• Kayaking,
• Boating,
• Riding Horses and
• Rollerblading.

The activities do not have to be formal events with each person joining their own teams and playing organized sports. They also do not require that people join a gym if they do not want to and take part in exercise routines. Anything that makes the body move such as the hobbies listed above will help busy dads and the rest of the family keep in shape.

3. Hire the Services of a Personal Trainer

Some people would rather join a gym and take advantage of the personal trainers they can hire there. Another avenue is to hire an online personal trainer to create a workout plan for you to save the time of having to create one yourself. Personal trainers are a good choice for busy dads because they will help these men to cut down on the time it takes to learn new work out routines. They will learn how to optimize their workouts so that they are not spending hours in the gym trying to maintain their good results.

Every so often, people need to change their workout regimen in order to keep moving toward their fitness goals. This can require busy dads to spend a lot of time on the Internet or reading men’s fitness magazines to search for new work outs. Going to a personal trainer will eliminate the need for busy dads to have to spend any time doing this.

4. Eat a Healthier Diet

Men need to eat more calories to maintain their high fitness levels, but this does not mean that they can eat just anything. They will need to eat more of the right foods rather than only seeking foods with a high calorie count. Busy dads need to concentrate on leaving the processed foods behind. Stay away from (or use in moderation):

• Potato chips,
• Cakes,
• Pies,
• White breads,
• Rice,
• Pasta,
• Pretzels,
• Candies,
• Alcoholic beverages,
• Carbonated sodas and
• Fruit juices.

Better choices for a healthy diet would be to choose to eat:

• Fruits,
• Vegetables,
• Chicken,
• Turkey and
• Fish.

5. Do More Work Around the House

Busy dads always have projects that they have been putting off, and resolving to complete those jobs can also help them keep physically fit. They will no longer be seen as a chore that they have to do; they can begin to look at these jobs as a means of keeping their physiques intact.

These jobs also give busy dads a chance to spend time with their kids by enlisting their help. This prospect may cause a little complaining, but busy dads can make these projects fun. Maybe not, but they will have the opportunity to finish the things that they have been putting off because they could not find the time.

6. Take Walks at Lunchtime

Walking is a great fitness booster, and busy dads have the opportunity to fit this action into their busy days on their lunch hours. Just 30 minutes of walking is enough to give busy dads a little cardiovascular exercise, and still leave time to eat a healthy, sensible lunch.

Having less time to eat will keep them from consuming as much food as they ordinary do. The other bonus is that they will not be sitting for hours without moving around after they have eaten their meals. This helps to keep both their metabolisms as well as their energy levels high.

7. Sleep

Busy dads need to make sure to have enough sleep. It helps them feel rested enough to get through all of the duties they have to complete for the day. Generally, people are advised to sleep between seven and eight hours every night, but when people are living healthier lifestyles, they may be able to live with six hours of sleep.

Busy dads have the ability to maintain their physical fitness at high levels even though they have many responsibilities to fulfill. They can do this by eating a healthier diet along with making the effort to exercise more often. They will just need to better manage the free time they have and share it with their families.


Guest writer Ashley is a freelance writer for a fitness website.
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