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Eliminating Life’s Irritations

I have always loved the saying “Life is too short to drink cheap wine.” It reminds us that life is too precious to settle for less. We deserve better. 

So if we deserve better (and we do!), then why do we allow little things in life to continue annoying us? And before you think I am talking about your spouse or children, I’m not. I am talking about ignoring and putting up with things or situations that could and should be taken care of and fixed, but we just never get around to it. 

Take the lock on the door of my truck, for example. It gets stuck all the time. The key won’t turn completely and open the door. I have to wiggle and jiggle and hold my tongue just right to get it to open. And then I have to go around to the passenger side and try it. And if it is raining, or a 100 degrees, or I am carrying a handful of groceries? It’s enough to really get to me. 

Lately, my cell phone–my good ol’ Blackberry–has been dying on me everyday by 11 a.m. It gives no warning and just shuts off. When it reboots, it takes at least 15 minutes before I can use it again.

I have been in a pickle more than once thanks to my stupid phone. Oh, and my phone is also my GPS. Not too long ago, I was stuck in Atlanta and running behind for a meeting. I was relying on my phone for the contact information and also to be the GPS for directions to the meeting. Then, my phone died on me and I had to wait for it to reboot before I could get to all the information I needed. 

Yesterday morning I was talking with a consultant via phone who was helping me with my latest project. With a consultant, time is money. So I was more than a little unhappy when my phone decided to die in the middle of our conversation. So unprofessional of me.

It was the final straw.

I got myself showered and dressed and out the door within a half hour and went straight to the Sprint store. It took some finagling, but by golly, I walked out of that place with a new Droid Evo.

Of course, I can barely make a phone call on it, much less do anything else due to my lack of technical skills. And, I am in desperate need of my young adult son to come and give me a tutorial. While I’m at it, I’ll tell him to bring his tools. You see, he happens to work on cars, too. It’s about time I had someone fix the lock on my truck…and eliminate two irritations in one week.

Life really is too short to drink cheap wine.

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Regular Contributor Bernice Wood is a mother of 4 young adult kids, plus Nana to 7 grandchildren. After a major life change summer 2010, she began blogging to journal her personal struggles and transition. To help others avoid the pitfalls of stress and burnout and learn to live a more healthy life, she recently launched her new blog at Living the Balanced Life. [/author_info][/author]


  1. lori sica

    August 10, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Bernice, you always get it right.
    Favorite saying of mine, don’t major on the minors…
    Having three adolescents in the house next to nothing is a minor, but having been thru adolescence and crashing into menopause, I’m starting to get it.
    Love your writing!

  2. ntathu allen

    August 6, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    Lol….so hear that…all those energy zappers which only take 5 minutes. Got a few staring me right in face. Had to laugh re your new phone. I have got this “i can do everything you need and dont need” phone and all i need is someone to show me how to use it….getting better. Like your use of word young adult kids/son. My eldest recently turned 20 n for last few yrs i said “3 teen daughters”…so its nice to have a term to encompass all daughters. Blessings come in all shapes n sizes

    • Living the Balanced Life

      August 8, 2011 at 9:05 am

      My youngest turned 18 in April, so it was easier to call all my kids young adults, however the oldest will turn 30 in February, not really sure if I should still be calling her a young adult, lol!
      Get busy taking care of those energy zappers!

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