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Woman v. ‘Man v. Food’

As an avid watcher of Adam Richman on “Man v. Food,” I want to sit him down and ask him “how in the world do you do that?” as I watch him toss pounds and pounds of food down his trap in one sitting. I just don’t understand from a physical standpoint how it’s possible.

As a personal trainer, I want to sit him down and ask him “WHY in the world would you do that?” I’ll be the first to admit that I am struck like a deer in the headlights when the show comes on. I’ve read that on his challenge days he does double workouts. I’ve also seen what he eats, and he would have to run two marathons a day to make up for what he eats on some episodes.

For those who don’t know the show on the Travel Channel, host Richman goes from eatery to eatery to tackle the most insane eating challenges across the country. I’ve watched him eat gallons of ice cream, hamburgers larger than his head and chicken wings that are hotter than the sun.

Part of me wonders how many people are encouraged to eat like this, and part of me hopes that more people think “holy cow, that is crazy unhealthy! I’ll never do that!” I don’t care how delicious that 7-pound burrito is, eating it is not worth a T-shirt, a picture on the wall or a little nameplate.

When I watch it with my daughter, I use it as a teaching lesson about how eating such huge amounts of food is unhealthy. What he was eating was easily the calorie equivalent of what an average adult male should eat over the course of three days. In one sitting. Jamming food the size of a football into an organ the size of a fist just isn’t right. Recently she saw him eating a ginormous sandwich and my daughter said, “Oh mom, that’s too big. I wouldn’t even eat one-quarter of that.”

Now, mind you, I’m not talking about the occasional indulgence. I’m talking about eating beyond what seems humanly possible. To the point of hurt. To the point where you wonder how the body can even begin to break it down.

If you’re the type of person who would gasp at the sight of this kind of eating and become motivated to not become that person, then check out the show. Yes, I’ll admit that the pancakes the size of car tires looked delicious. Looking at something won’t add inches to your waistline. Tossing it down the pie hole will. You won’t find me scheduling a vacation around one of those food hot spots.

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 Lori Rypka is the Prime Parents Club Fitness Contributor, a mom of two wonderful kids first, a writer, wife, friend, personal trainer and marathon runner in training second. She enjoys helping others in their personal journeys toward living healthier lives. The biggest tool in her tool box: humor. Who says dieting can’t be fun? You can find Lori at, or on Twitter as @LoriRypka.



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Lori Rypka has been certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise since April 2010, and enjoys helping friends find their healthy selves. Follow Lori on her blog at Fumbled Into Fitness.

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  1. Lynn

    August 5, 2011 at 11:58 am

    That show is like watching a train wreck… just. can’t. look. away. I hate the way he looks while he’s eating, it’s pretty gross.

    When my husband was down in San Antonio a few weeks ago, he tried the 4 Horsemen Challenge (the 4 hottest chillies on top of a burger). He got 3/4 of the way through. And this is a man who can usually handle anything–the hotter the better! I think Adam Richman must have enough scar tissue in his belly to protect it from anything. But Lyle also said he’d never try anything that requires you to eat massive quantities of something. It makes my tummy ache just thinking about it!

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