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Grandma as Nanny| Beneficial for all involved?

A problem facing almost all families is childcare. Whether you need care only occasionally, or you need full-time childcare, finding someone you can trust with your children is essential. How do you find someone you can trust? What about someone who loves your children as much as you do? Grandma! If your mother, or–keep an open mind here–your mother-in-law. is available, Grandma moving in and caring for your children might benefit everyone.

You And Your Spouse


Hiring Grandma will likely be less expensive than paying for daycare or for a private nanny. You might arrange to trade room and board for childcare, or you might still pay her, but it will almost certainly cost less than other alternatives.

Peace of Mind

Being able to work knowing your child is in the loving care of a family member will allow you to have a clear head and be more productive at work. Even a nanny or daycare you have carefully chosen will not give you the same level of comfort as leaving your children with Grandma.


Care by Someone Who Loves Them

When a child is cared for by someone who loves him or her like a grandparent does, he or she will likely receive a better level of care than care by a stranger. As wonderful as a particular nanny or daycare might be, care by Grandma or another loving family member is the next best thing to being cared for by a parent.

Grandparent and Child Relationship

Children will benefit from having a close relationship with Grandma. There is a different dynamic between a grandparent and a child versus a parent and a child. The parent must always be careful to stay in the parent role, not the friend role. Grandparents, on the other hand, are a little more free when it comes to having a fun relationship with their grandchildren. While they will need to lay down some rules, the fun relationship that is possible between children and grandparents is really valuable to a child.


There are many benefits to being cared for in a child’s own home. Children in daycare often become ill more often from being around so many children on a daily basis. Also, children will likely be more comfortable spending their days in their own home with their own things.



Perhaps your mother or mother-in-law is having trouble affording her own place and all of the expenses that come with it. Living with you and providing child care can be a wonderful way to ease the financial burden for her.


Living in the same home as the grandkids will allow her to have a very special relationship with the children. Seeing the children grow and change every day will bring her closer to them than if she was living apart from them. Grandparents often fondly remember their days as parents of small children, and caring for grandchildren can be a great way to have many of those same experiences again.


For some aging parents, retirement might be a boring time, or they might feel like they lack a purpose since leaving work. Taking on the very important role of caring for their grandchildren can fill this void for those in this situation. Caring for the children will keep them busy and they will know what an important job they are doing for the family.

The idea of having Grandma move into your home might seem radical or scary to you. But if it is possible in your situation, and all parties are open to it; it is worth considering. It will be important to discuss some boundaries and set some ground rules for all. However, you might be surprised at how well it works out if you are open and give it a try.

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