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Redecorating the Empty Nest

After eighteen years, you’ve finally gotten the kids out of the house and have the peace and quiet you’ve been missing. There are no meals to plan and no slamming doors, loud music or kids running through the house on their way to somewhere else. And, there’s an empty room. What will you do with it?

Make a Decision

The first step is to decide how you want to use the room. This is your chance to create a space you’ve always wanted or needed. The obvious choice is to turn it into a guest room. But do you only want a room that is used occasionally? Would it work better to double as an office and a guest room? You could turn it into a hobby room or a family office. Put in a desk for yourself with a computer and other office supplies and add a television or stereo or even a home theater to make it a multipurpose room. The key is to make it a room you will want to use. Do you need a reading room, a place to relax that is all your own?

Managing a Small Space

If you’re looking to add a bed for overnight guests, but you don’t want to take up too much space, consider a sofa with a hide-a-bed or daybed. Both take less space than conventional beds and can have a second purpose as seating. Modern sleeper sofas are much more comfortable than they used to be and can be used for lounging when you don’t have guests. You can also have a built-in bed which will take up less space.

Using the Closet

You can make the closet more efficient by installing open and closed shelving for office items. Putting a free-standing bookshelf in the closet will give you extra storage for books, CDs, or DVDs without looking cluttered in the room. Dividing the closet into space for guests’ clothes and other items will make it more useful and make the room look more spacious. If you choose to create a hobby room, thin dressers or file cabinets can fit in many closets to store supplies and not take up space in the bedroom.

More Storage

You can build simple shelves along a wall in the room to add storage for crafts, books, files for your office, or family photos. You can double your seating with storage by using benches that lift to hold blankets and other items.

Create a Loft

Bunk beds aren’t just for kids. There are some adult styles that allow you to put a desk under the bed to make double use of the space. This would work great if you plan to use the room for your kids when they come to visit.

Choose The Right Office Space

If you get a desk that closes up, it can hide the clutter of paperwork and look like a piece of furniture when you have guests. With laptops and wireless internet, you can hide much of your computer equipment in the closet to give you more room on your desk.

These are just a few ideas of what you can do with that extra space. The room is yours again so find a use for it that will benefit you by being both useful and fun.  Enjoy the process and be creative!


Janice Oliver is a home decor consultant and content contributor for, a shopping destination for Seda France Discount candles, and hundreds of other scented accessories in the Luxury Candle line.

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