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Upromise Helps Kids Achieve Dreams

UPromise_Brand_300x250_static.jpg (3 documents)It’s rare when a company comes along that provides an opportunity to help you meet one of your dreams. Yet, that’s exactly what Upromise by Sallie Mae–a rewards program that helps you pay for college–has done.

To celebrate its 10thanniversary, Upromise is giving away $20,000 to parents who are helping support their child’s dream—that’s $1,000 to 10 winners, and a $10,000 grand prize winner—just for helping your child achieve something that is important to him or her and your family.

How do you get involved? Simply go to the Dream Wall destination and tell the story about a dream for your child and how you are supporting it. Then, tell your friends to go over and like your story to get the ball rolling. (Don’t forget to check out the dream wall official rules to get all of your questions answered!)

What’s the dream I submitted to Upromise for my 3 year old? To dance to her own tune while realizing that you still need to help others along the way. You see, in this age of entitlement and economic hardship, I think we’re so focused on ourselves that we’ve forgotten to focus on others. That’s why we’re teaching Ella to enjoy giving and to make it a regular part of her life while she finds her way.

What is your child’s dream? Won’t you take a few minutes to help them achieve it? Click over now…and it truly only takes a couple of minutes of your time. And, while you’re at it, won’t you tell your friends and family who also have kids? Let’s help all of our children achieve their goals…one dream at a time.

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