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Single Parents and Dating Sites | Good Mix?

Parents re-entering the dating scene face more challenges than their childless counterparts. Adding dating to the seemingly endless list of demands required with parenthood is a daunting task and because of those responsibilities many single parents have difficulty finding a better half. While ten years ago online dating was taboo, today it’s a less complicated way to find love in the digital age and one that every single parent should explore. Before jumping into the world of online dating, it is important to keep some basic tips in mind. 

Safety First

Remembering to protect yourself and your children is paramount. Don’t divulge information that you wouldn’t give to a stranger on the street. Never post your children’s pictures or personal information in your online profile. Arrange first meetings in public places and give details of your date to at least one other person. Before introducing your children to your new darling, be completely comfortable with your new love. If that requires a full background check for your own peace of mind, remember your own safety and your children’s safety trumps any other issue. 

Be Honest

While there are days you may fantasize about locking the kids in the attic and throwing away the key, the fact is life without them is unimaginable. Every relationship is going to involve them first and foremost. Even if you only end up going on a couple of dates, your schedule and interests are going to be influenced by your children. 

Be upfront about your parenting responsibilities with any potential love interest. Again don’t post pictures or go into detail but do mention that you are a single parent. If suitors flee at the mention of children remember that you’ve just dodged a time-consuming relationship that wasn’t going to work anyway. 

It’s also important to be upfront with your children during the dating process. Talk to them about re-entering the dating scene. Discuss their feelings on the subject and any concerns they may have. It will make the introduction process easier if you keep your children informed while searching for a new love. 

Leave “Dora The Explorer” and “Bob The Builder” at Home 

One of the joys of jumping back into dating is reconnecting with the world outside Nick Jr. Savor the fact you can talk about the news or last night’s game without being interrupted by requests to use the bathroom and breaking up arguments.  Grab a newspaper and familiarize yourself with current affairs, it’ll give you topics for discussion or prime you to respond to them if your date brings up the subject.  Amazing how disconnected you can become when you’re immersed in your kids and family life and working too.

Make your date a time to focus on getting to know this new person. If the relationship gets serious, there will be more than enough time to talk in depth about your children. While excising the existence of your children is impossible, your date needs to connect with you before they can connect with your children. 

Enjoy Yourself

Dating is fun, scary, exciting, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Taking the first step of meeting someone new is a big adventure and like all adventures it should be fun. Yes, you may end up meeting a conspiracy theorist who spends a coffee date talking about shape-shifting lizards and you may have to fake an emergency to get out of a date with a person who has misrepresented themselves by thirty years  but putting yourself out there is the first step to finding love. Make the journey every bit as enjoyable as the end result. 

Online dating is no longer an oddity. Hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe log onto online dating sites daily to find their soul mate and single parents are no exception. Although you may face a few more obstacles in regards to keeping yourself and your children safe, dismissing online dating is rejecting a catalog of people you may never otherwise meet and potentially missing out on true love.

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Remarried mom Genevieve Chamberlain met her new husband through an online dating site. Genevieve is an educator, and a content contributor for, specializing in unique UK domain niches, such as dating domains.


Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.


  1. Shane Malas

    September 12, 2011 at 1:19 am

    LOL, I have to say the on the web dating or electronic dating has come a very long way from the days of basic chat rooms. Far more and much more individuals are turning to on the internet dating web sites to screen likely dates.

  2. Barb

    August 30, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Can’t my better half just come knocking on my door? That would make things so much easier!

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