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Back-to-School Transitioning

When the summer winds down, the last trips to the beach are made and the weather begins to cool off, my family, especially my kids, know exactly what is ahead. This dreaded time when summer is ending and it’s time to head back to school used to be an extremely rough transition. Our children would get anxious, and we would have to deal with their annual angst. It has always been a difficult time of transition in our household because I am in school as well. I don’t have to deal with physically going back to school though since I am earning an online public management degree, but I still have to prepare for my return to school and help my children prepare as well.  

While the chaos may seem unavoidable, there are many things you can do to prepare your family for the return to school and the routine of the regular school year. Once I learned these simple tricks, my family has never returned to the insanity that we used to go through every year. The first tip is to prepare for the return to school about two weeks before school is scheduled to start. Start by gradually getting more into a routine. Begin doing things like going to bed at a certain hour, waking up at a certain hour, eating dinner at a certain time, and so on and so forth. Structuring your days will also help to put everyone’s mind and body back into a workable routine without the carefree spirit that summer allows. 

With one kid going into high school and another one preparing for his first year at a boarding school in New England, we have a lot of preparation to do, so it is important for us to begin the process early. While you definitely don’t want to cut into your summer fun and plans, it is important to allow a few weeks to buy all of the supplies you’ll need, go clothes shopping if need be and pick up any other items that you may need. Having all of your shopping done puts your mind at ease and allows you to enjoy the rest of your vacation. 

However, the most important tip and trick that I have learned is to make a list. Starting early and getting into a routine will be little help unless you have a solid grasp on what exactly you need to get done. Begin by writing down a master list, separated into categories and store where you will purchase each item. Simply check off items on the list as you complete them. This list will be your best friend when gearing up to go back to school because it will keep you organized and stress-free!

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Phil is a busy guy, with earning his online public management degree, being a father, and an outdoorsman. He hardly gets a moment to himself, but when he does he enjoys blogging about various topics including education, family life and his kids.




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