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Remembering 9/11 | It’s Not About Me

As we approached the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I heard many people say the same thing: “I can’t believe it’s been ten years.” Most of us old who are old enough to remember that day can remember exactly where we were when we found out about the attacks. Every detail of that day is burned into my brain, and I’m sure yours as well. When you remember something so clearly, so vividly, it certainly can be hard to believe that a decade has passed.

When I consider September 11, 2001 and the time that has passed since then, I find myself reflecting on how my own life has changed in the past ten years. On that day, I was single. I was childless. I was a student. My political and religious views at that time were very different from what they are today. So much has happened in those ten years; I wonder if Crystal in 2001 would be able to recognize Crystal in 2011. I have not accomplished all that I’d hoped, but I have found happiness in places I’d never dreamed of. It’s easy to think of dreams deferred and things left undone and wonder, “what if?” It’s easy to look at my life and feel dissatisfied, wishing I had done more.

Watching a documentary featuring those directly impacted by the 9/11 attacks very quickly humbled me and brought me back to reality. You see, I had been making September 11 about me, and my life, when in all honesty, the impact on my life has been minimal. I cried along with the rest of the country when I saw those planes strike the Twin Towers, but my day-to-day existence didn’t change that much. I didn’t have to suddenly face life without a husband, without a parent, without a friend. I didn’t see my co-workers die trying to save others. I didn’t have to wait and wonder if my missing relatives would ever be found. I didn’t look out my window and see my city in ruins.

There are some excellent documentaries being shown this week about the September 11 attacks, and I am watching as many of them as I can. It’s not easy to sit through them; I find myself crying just as much now as I did on that day. But even though it is difficult, I need to watch the stories of those whose lives were changed forever by that day. I need to remember how lucky I am to have what I have and to be where I am. It can be tempting to look back at the last ten years and feel disappointment or regrets about the way things have turned out. I need that reminder that I am fortunate to have had the last ten years with the people I love and cherish.

I need to remember, not everything that happens in life is all about me.

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