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New Jersey Houswife Shakeup | TV True or False?

Recently rumors have surfaced that there will be another shakeup in Bravo’s Housewives franchise. Bravo already shocked fans and castmates by announcing that The Housewives of New York will be losing a few of their leading ladies–Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon, and Jill Zarin claim they were blindsided by being let go to be replaced by a new cast. Later, Cindy Barshop was added to the list leaving. Now rumors are flying that The Houswives of New Jersey cast will soon have a makeover of its own. Could it be true that Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline  Laurita are the next to go?

These rumors began swirling once Jacqueline Laurita led people to believe, via Twitter, that she was a no-show for the upcoming reunion special.  Then, a Twitter war of words began between Laurita and fellow cast member (and “friend”) Teresa Guidice when Laurita stated that, “Teresa put out an article that I texted her and threatened to release those pictures and I didn’t! I wanted to prove that. Teresa is scum.”

What were the two women fighting about? A stripper accusation, of course. Guidice is being accused of spreading a rumor that her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, who is also a cast member of the show, used to be a stripper. Laurita was coming to her defense and stating that Guidice was the one starting the rumors to try to get her sister-in-law off of the show. Guidice has since stated that she thought the women on the show were “friends” and she is focusing on an upcoming project, so her family and will start to leave the social media website.

On the other side, Caroline Manzo has been known as the tough but mild-mannered matriarch of the New Jersey group. She is the mother figure who all of these girls need. She avoids fights, is not very dramatic and kind of has a slow boring story line. Is she worth keeping around? I think so.
So are the rumors true? Andy Cohen has released a statement saying, ” The cast is solid and they’re staying there. Everything that you’ve read has been untrue … They’re all coming back.”
I am pleased to report the ladies are going nowhere … for now.  Whew, what a relief. I think Bravo has made a wise decision in keeping the same New Jersey cast. Besides, Twitter war, friends releasing pictures, and making stripper accusations? It’s a reality TV lovers dream come true.

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