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Martial Arts Class | Better Discipline Than Time Outs?

Your eight year old son is throwing a tantrum, yet again. With arms flailing and legs kicking you wonder if there is a better way to contain his exuberance for life instead of your current tactic. Tired of the meltdowns? Then consider enrolling the kid in your local martial arts class. A few weeks in, it may prove to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Take Your Pick

Martial arts classes range from Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian and Korean. From Aikedo to Judo, Karate to Kung Fu, your son or daughter will not only have fun learning about the ancient, rich traditions about combat sports and the unique skills involved in defensive fighting, but they’ll have a place to exert their energy. Helping moms and dads of the world tame their little monsters, it’s a great alternative to those time outs and quiet times in your routine that may have grown stale. Kung Fu and Karate are the perfect option for any child wanting to practice stand up kicks, elbow and knee thrusts. If your young teen can’t stop tackling his younger brothers, try out Jiu Jitsu, which allows them to learn and explore throw wrestling safely and properly.

Fun, Not Violent

Many parents hesitate to enroll their children in a martial arts class due to their own preconceptions. Does it really promote a violent pattern of behavior or increase their aggressive attitudes and tendencies? No, and very much a myth. What martial arts can do is give your children a safe and fun environment to learn about thinking, strategizing and disciplining themselves before acting on impulse. Punches and blocks that they learn in class won’t contribute to an aggressive behavior. What it will do is give them the life skills they need to cope with their emotions, communication and environment.


What child couldn’t use a little confidence booster, especially during the pre-teen and teenager years? As they improve their martial art skills, your praise and their instructor’s encouragement will give them the confidence they need to feel great about themselves. They will learn about themselves in a unique way, and have a stronger sense of purpose. Translated to the big picture?  That will mean easy parenting for you.

Goal Setting

It’s not easy to always keep in mind that anything a child understands is in terms of “being present and now.” So, that toy or video game that they want isn’t understood in terms of the money it costs or the notion that you may give it to them for their birthday. By taking a martial arts class, they can learn about what goal setting really means. So, they want to kick like an Aikido expert? It takes planning, patience and discipline – all valuable skills they will learn in class.

Boosting self confidence, setting goals and ultimately learning about respect will translate into many areas of  life. Best of all, while the kids have fun punching, kicking and forming friendships, you can have the peace of mind that you’re helping them grow with the skills that matter most. 

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