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Halloween Home Decoration Craft


I saw this super easy idea on Pinterest, which led me to this blog. I thought, “Well, isn’t that the cutest idea. I wonder if I can punch it up. Better yet, what if I could make this for Halloween, and then make it into a multi-holiday decoration?

Halloween Wreath Craft

 Easy DIY Halloween Wreath Craft

You’ll need:

>> Circular form (I used a straw wreath, left in its wrapping)

>> Spool of brown tulle (usually in the wedding aisles of craft stores)

>> Spool of orange tulle (since I could not find orange in a spool, I bought a quarter yard at the fabric shop)

>> Scissors

>> Small Halloween decorations

>> 15 minutesPrime Parents Club Halloween Wreath Craft Decoration

I cut the entire spool of brown into roughly 18″ long lengths. Gauge what length you want by first cutting one length and tying it on, then you can decide if it’s too short or too long. When you decide on your length, continue to cut strips of brown tulle.

I wanted my orange to match the length and width of my brown strips. I eyeballed the brown against the orange and folded the fabric until it was a match. Then I cut down the loosely pressed edges of the orange until the segments separated.

Begin by covering the hay wreath by knotting the brown around the wreath. Take one strip and fold it in half. Hold the fold near the wreath andPrime Parents Club Halloween Wreath Crafts Tulle wrap the cut ends around the wreath, then tuck them into the loop or fold and pull tight. Continue in this way until you have covered the wreath and used all the tulle.

To space the orange evenly around the wreath, tie four knots around the circle to mimic the points on a compass. Then, tie knots at the approximate halfway points between each point. Continue until you’ve used all the orange tulle.

At this point, your wreath is ready for hanging. I had some Halloween rings lying around so I cut them open and slipped them over the tulle in random places before hanging it outside.

Next time I’ll show you how to take this Halloween wreath and give it a Thanksgiving twist so you can keep enjoying your tulle for a few more weeks. It can also double as a Thanksgiving lesson for little hands.


Easy DIY Halloween Wreath

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