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Kardashian Wedding | Fairytale for Kim or Kris Jenner?

Let me start off by stating that I love the Kardashians. I have loved them before the world was “keeping up” with them. So you can imagine my excitement to find out that not only was Kim marrying NBA player Kris Humphries, but that the E! network managed to make a 4 hour,  two-part special called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding, A Kardashian Event.”

I must say that from the last season of Keeping up with The Kardashians I was not a Kris Humphries fan. I thought he was arrogant and found him  disrespectful to Kim and her family. But after watching this special, I feel very differently.

I, along with 4.5 million (night one) and 4 million other people (night two), watched as Kim and her mother planned an event that Kim had dreamed about since she was a small child. Yes, I was embarrassed to watch it. I am actually kind of embarrassed that I am ADMITTING I watched.

For starters, if you were tuning into see the actual wedding you might be disappointed because Kim didn’t even walk down the aisle until 3 hours and 49 minutes after the show started. She was married 4 minutes later, had two skin-tight dress changes, and then with 7 minutes of reception and…the wedding special was over. The excitement of the show was watching Kris Humphries have no opinion regarding his wedding and watching as Kim’s mom (also Kris), dominated the decisions and details of her daughter’s wedding. I almost turned it off. (Almost.)

My breaking point was when they were talking about the entertainment for the wedding and Kim wanted Christina Aguilera and her fiancé didn’t. Kim’s mom looked over at her and inquired why he even had a say in it. I was also in disbelief  while watching Kim show up to register for gifts with her mom in tow. So, while the two were shopping, mom gave her opinion at every opportunity. Cake tasting? You guessed it, a Kardashian family event with mom, brother, sister, and, oh, Kim’s fiancé did make an appearance. A food tasting with Wolfgang Puck once again included mom. Kris Jenner continued to nag Kris Humphries about how horrible his behavior was in the presence of Mr. Puck. Kim and her mother also booked the location without the knowledge of the fiancé, who later went and approved it. But really, was he going to say no?  Kim’s mom even went to the extreme of mocking the fiance’s last name in an attempt to stop her daughter from taking it–an attempt which proved to be successful because Kim decided to stay a Kardashian. 

Adjusting to living together also proved to be a challenge. Kris has two dogs, and it’s obvious that Kim hates them. She went out and bought kennels and beds for them both so they don’t get on her bed or her comforter. She informed Kris that she was not moving into his home in Minnesota because it was like a “dorm room.”  After they showed the “dorm room,” I can say it’s not like any dorm room I have ever seen. It was beautiful. She didn’t want to move because she “is used to a certain lifestyle and not going back.”

I understand that this is a “reality” show. It’s edited and can people really be themselves on TV, anyway? I don’t know, but I have to wonder if E! tried to make Kim look like a spoiled brat, or they were they just showing what they had on tape?

Keeping up with the Kardashians used to be a somewhat relatable show. (I use that word loosely.) It was about family–mixed family, stepchildren, parents, siblings, and the bond between a busy working mother and her children. Now every time they sit at the family table you see the chef and the wait staff. Their homes are huge and the hair and makeup staff is incredible. Who can relate to that? It’s just not the same.

Did you watch the Kardashian wedding event? Was it too much for you? Were Kim and her mother too much for you?

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  1. Crystal Paschal

    October 19, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    First of all – yay Tina is back! Secondly, I watched the wedding. What a mess. Personally, I think Kim freaked out when Khloe got married to Lamar, and she duped the first professional athlete dumb enough to fall for her. Her real dream was to be Mrs. Reggie Bush.

    I’m already seeing breakup rumors on Twitter. Supposedly Kris H. is hooking up with all kinds of other girls. I just don’t get it. He is completely unappealing to me.

    And Kris Jenner…ugh. Poor Bruce.

  2. Tina

    October 19, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    I got to see Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweeds wedding last night on Gene Simmons Family Jewels. It was so much more “grown up”, not unbelievably over the top and such a class act. AND SHE WAITED 28 YEARS FOR THAT WEDDING! You could tell theirs was about love. Not show! I think I might be out growing the Kardashians…THERE I SAID IT!!

  3. Prime Parents' Club

    October 19, 2011 at 9:53 am

    I tried to avert my eyes each time even the previews were on. I think this was less about love and more about over-the-top parties/publicity. Yuck.


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