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Actress Sues for Age Reveal, Perpetuates Ageism

In the ongoing ridiculousness that is anything associated with Hollywood, we now hear that an “anonymous” actress is suing the popular movie database site IMDb for … revealing her age.


Apparently, the actress–who refuses to reveal her identity–is 40 years old, but looks much younger. She is claiming that she has been unable to get movie roles because of her now public age and people are trying instead to cast her for the 40-something role because of the age listed on her profile. However, she can’t play those roles either because she looks too young.

Here’s my beef: These are the women who are giving this whole aging thing a bad wrap. I say, if you’re 40 and up and look like you’re 30, then shout your age from the rafters. As a matter of fact, take out a billboard with a big ole picture of your head and right beside it in big bold letters put, “I’m 40. Still pretty hot, huh?” Even if you don’t look as hot as you did in your twenties (and honey, who does?), WHO CARES? I’ll take my knowledgeable, settled 40s to those deer-in-the-headlights 20s any day. ANY. DAY.

The public cases like the one with this actress will continue to perpetuate the “washed up” after 40 syndrome–especially for women. So let’s just cut the crap and talk about ageing openly because really? Women in their 40s rock. (And, I’m not just saying that because I am one.) (Okay, maybe that’s a little part of the reason I’m saying it.)

And, is this really the legacy we want to leave for our daughters–lying about our age because only “younger” women are good enough?

No thanks.

By the way, I’m 42. Last week, I got carded while trying to buy alcohol. The week before that someone referred to my 3-year-old daughter as my granddaughter.


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  1. Crystal Paschal

    October 24, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    I don’t know that it merits a lawsuit, but the sad thing is that this woman probably IS getting offered less work (or different work) because people know her age. And yet Hollywood has no problem casting Harrison Ford as the sexy leading man. Nothing against Harrison Ford, but you don’t see women his age getting cast in leading roles. Even in films that require an “average looking” or older woman, they won’t actually CAST those women. They will take a pretty actress and ugly her up (see: Monster, Nanny McFee, etc). And then we talk about how brave those actresses were for gaining 30 pounds and not plucking their eyebrows. If they are brave then I deserve a congressional medal of honor.

  2. rockle

    October 24, 2011 at 11:24 am

    i lie about my age all the time, but i “round up” so people tell me i look good. “oh, you’re almost 40? wow, you look fantastic!” (i’m 37. soon i am going to start saying i’m almost 50, though, because i actually AM almost 40, and i don’t hear that i look fantastic often enough any more.)

    ANYWAY. hollywood is weird. i think it sucks that so many women have to lie about their age to get work in that business — but i think the problem is more one of LOOKS than of AGE. what does you’re average 40-something look like? many women look like tina fey, except that they DON’T, exactly. she is an exceptionally attractive person, who looks good no matter her age. same with susan sarandon and helen mirren and judi dench and even maggie smith. they are all — and always have been — exceptionally beautiful women. that they are phenomenally good at their craft is only, unfortunately, a secondary concern. (see: every cameron diaz movie ever made.)

    whether i look good for my age or not, nobody wants to pay $10+ per ticket to see me on film, because i am not exceptionally attractive. average-to-cute, sure, but average-to-cute does not really win people oscars, no matter how great an actor anyone ever is, because average-to-cute doesn’t get you cast in the first place.

    being a rocking 40-something is a lot easier when you are not in hollywood, is what i am saying.

  3. Christin

    October 24, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Totally agree! I’m 42 and happy to say so…I would never want to be 22 again.

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