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Reebok Settles Class Action Suit for Toning Shoes and Apparel

In a recent class action suit, it was alleged that Reebok violated laws in some states with their marketing campaign of toning shoes and clothing.

Reebok denies all wrongdoing and the case was settled as part of a class action settlement.

With the Reebok settlement, you may be eligible to receive payment if you purchased the named shoes or apparel between December 5, 2008, and October 12, 2011.

The named shoes include: Easy Tone, RunTone, JumpTone, SlimTone, EasyTone Flip, TrainTone, and SimplyTone.

The named apparel include:  EasyTone Capri, EasyTone Shorts, EasyTone Sleeveless Shirt, EasyTone Pants, EasyTone Long Bra Top and EasyTone Short Sleeve Top.

The amount of refund provided will be determined by the number of people within the class action settlement that file eligible claims and also how many claims are paid.

Class action suits are those which a large group of people collectively file a claim against a company, organization or product. The suits are most often settled as financial compensation to those involved.

For more information about the case, settlement or Reebok refunds, please call 1-888-398-5389.


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