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Homemade Christmas Fun | Paper Bag Christmas Cards and Secret Sisters

Traditions bring about an element of fun, warmth and security for kids and adults alike, especially at Christmas. Does your family celebrate this season with specific traditions each year? Ours does, so I want to share a really cute Christmas card craft you can make, as well as share one of my family’s year-long traditions that culminates at Christmastime: Secret Sisters!


First, this adorable paper bag Christmas card…

My sister-in-law made this adorable paper-bag Christmas card for us last year so I cannot take credit for it. It has been one of my most popular posts over at my blog. It won’t be hard to see why! Don’t be afraid to let the kids help on some of them, too.

Prime Parents Club Christmas Crafts

How to get started.

>> Lay out a paper lunch bag flat.

>> Fold in half, or to the size you want the card to be in its folded state.

>> Trim the open end of the bag to size. (Consider if you want envelopes, and find ones to fit.)

>> Now, decorate, embellish, and personalize it!

Visit my blog post here for more pictures, directions, and to see where my sister-in-law got her envelopes. 


Secret Sisters (for the adult gals)…

Prime Parents Club Christmas Crafts

Because the moms do so much work during the holidays and sometimes get forgotten.

Every year, my mom, sisters, sisters-in-law, and I have a party in early December where we draw a new secret sister name to remember during the following year. We have probably been doing this for about five fun years now.

During the year, we send our secret sister gifts or cards monthly, or every other month, and then we reveal who-had-who at our December Secret Sister party!

In my opinion, the party is the most fun because we get to talk, eat, give gifts and just hang out. We pick out 10 gifts for our secret sister and take turns opening one gift at a time, making our way around the table until all gifts are opened. No one is rich in my family, so gifts do not have to be expensive. They just need to be thoughtful and nice…even homemade!

You can read my original post about our Secret Sisterhood here and see a few pictures from one of our past parties.

I’d like to come up with some new family traditions for my immediate family, too–my husband and our two sons, ages 5 and 7.

I’d love to read about your current traditions or traditions you want to start. Would you share in the comment section below?


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