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Mom Tips for Heading Back to School

The new year is almost upon us and, as a mom, you may be reevaluating your life–thinking about going back to work, changing careers, or even taking some courses to further your education. It’s a big decision for a busy mom to go back to school and there are a lot of things that should be considered. Whether the choice is being made for economic or personal reasons it is one that will have an impact on the entire family. Before classes start there are some things that should be done to get everybody ready so most of mom’s focus can be on succeeding in class.

Returning to a college campus after a long absence, or going for the first time as an adult, can be daunting enough but add in continued family responsibility and stress levels could be very high. Taking the time to get the family prepared before school starts will keep things running smooth and provide more time that can be devoted to studies.

*Get the kids ready – If there are very young children in the house they likely will need to have daycare provided, especially if the parent is going back to school full time. If they are older, sit them down and discuss the situation with them, explain why the decision has been made and what changes will result. Encourage them to pitch in and help around the house. It may even be helpful to set up a chore schedule for them to follow. Let them know they will be expected to keep up on their homework assignments without as much help.

*Improve technology knowledge – It’s an electronic world and learning these days involves the use of more technology than ever before. If the children are old enough ask them for help learning at least some of the basics. It’s not necessary to be an expert, but word processing, e-mail, spreadsheets and researching will need to be known. Additional help can be found at the university’s technology assistance center.

*Financial help – Look into securing a grant to help pay for tuition. There are some programs available through the federal government and companies sometimes offer them to help increase training levels of employees. Grants are better than student loans because they usually do not need to be paid back. Federal grants are normally based on need, though there are some programs that use grants as a way to entice women to enter fields that have historically been dominated by males.

*Be organized – Juggling a family and college education will be difficult to do on the fly so plan ahead and make sure everything is as ready as possible. Know the various schedules that will be involved, set days for household duties and check to be sure everybody is on the right page.

Taking care of a family and earning a college degree will not be easy tasks but the rewards are well worth it. With some advanced planning and the cooperation of family members the dream can be achieved. 




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Guest Christina Lloyd writes for a website that offers advice about college grants for women, including how to apply for single mother grants. She thinks it’s a challenge for moms to go back to school, but with careful planning and teamwork a college degree is achievable.



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