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Make-Up Trends for Spring 2012

What’s new in make-up for 2012? While classic, neutral make-up will never go out of style, it may be time to dress up your look and try out one or two of the fabulous new make-up trends this spring. Remember, you aren’t walking the runway; by keeping with your usual style and adding a smoky shadow or a fresh, red lip, you’ll add interest without looking like you’re trying too hard.

For the Face

The look for spring faces? Fresh! Try using a tinted moisturizer or a mineral make-up for a clean, almost bare look. For school or work, heavy make-up is out and sheer is in. Don’t want to buy a drawer full of new shades. Try combining your current foundation with a touch of moisturizer to lighten its consistency.

For the Cheeks

In keeping with the light, fresh motif, cheeks are given only a hint of color. As your skin gets more sun, and a bit of color, switch over to a bronzer and a blush just pinker than your skin tone. Highlight the contours of your cheek with bronzer and brush a bit of lovely pink over the apples. Blend well and you’ll have a gorgeous, happy glow.

For the Eyes

Shadows of light purple, blue, green or pink are current eye trends, just keep it light and monochrome. Don’t forget to sweep a bit of color under your lower lashes to make your eyes pop! Forget layers and layers of mascara; one coat is just enough. Remember, you want to enhance your natural beauty this spring, not look like you spent an hour putting on your face.

Also, don’t over-pluck your eyebrows. Thick, well-groomed brows are coming back in fashion and look wonderful with the more natural look of the season.

For the Lips

In sticking with the natural theme, toss out your lip liner (unless it’s nude of course!) and keep the gloss handy. Soft, neutral lips are going to be the hit of the season. For day, choose light pinks or neutral lipsticks and top them with a long-wearing gloss.

For the Nails

You may not consider your fingernails when thinking of your make-up routine but with this season’s hot offerings, your nails can’t be left out! Check out the line of Kiss Dress Nails or Sally Hansen’s dry nail strips to add a quick bit of bling to your fingers. Short, dressed-up nails are perfect for day or night and add a bit of fun sparkle with very little effort.

For Night

Glamming it up for night never goes out of style, even when make-up trends change. Happily, the fresh-faced look lends itself perfectly to a bit of dressing up. The key to a great night look is to concentrate on your eyes or lips while keeping the rest of your make-up light and neutral.



Guest Cindi Lewis writes for Glossy, a hair care and beauty products online retailer.


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    January 18, 2012 at 11:47 am

    I love the no-makeup makeup look. :)


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