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Member Community | How To Join and Add a Group

So you’ve signed up for our brand new member community. You see all the activity from other members, but have no idea how to join in on the fun. The first thing we recommend is to join a community group (or five!).

A “group” is just what is sounds like–a gathering of people with similar interests. To see our groups, mouseover “Community Quick Links” from the left-hand menu at the top of the home page and then click on “Community Groups” on the drop-down menu.

This will show you all of the available groups in our community.

Joining a Group

To join a group, simply click on the “JOIN GROUP” button the right-hand side of the group name column.

Joining a Prime Parents Club community group is as easy as clicking on the "Join Group" button!

To start interacting after you’ve joined, simply click on the name of the group. This will show you all the activity in the group. You can reply to a comment or activity here, or click on “Forums” in the menu bar at the top for the group to see specific topics.

Creating a Group

In our Prime Parents Club community, you will find a variety of interesting groups. However, we understand that you may want to interact or discuss a topic that no one has posted. In this case, we’ve given you the ability to create your own group!

If you are interested in creating a group, first read our community guidelines and terms of service for what is (and is not) allowed in our community.

Click "Create a Group" to add your new group to the Prime Parents Club community.

To create a group:

1. Mouseover “Community Quick Links” in the upper left-hand corner of the Prime Parents Club home page.

2. Click on “Community Groups” on the drop-down menu.

3. By the title “Groups Directory” you will see a “Create a Group” button.

4. Click on the button and enter the name of your group. Please ensure that a similar group has not already been created.

5. Enter a description of the group. Please be detailed so that members know what your group is about just by reading the description.

6. Click “Create and Continue” and complete the remaining three steps of the process. (Please add an avatar (picture) that represents your group.)

7. Have fun! Send invites and let people know about your new group!

Please note that if you create a group, you automatically become the administrator of that group. That means it is your responsibility to moderate the group and forums and ensure that there are no topics, conversations, language, abuse, etc. that violates the Community User Guidelines and TOS. Failure to moderate your group may result in deletion of the group and/or termination from the site.


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