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A Simple Tip To Warm Up Your Post-Holiday House

Every year I try to take down my holiday decorations right after New Year’s Day. By then I’m ready.  I’m ready to be done with the holidays and onto a new year. I’m ready to put the house back into “pre-holiday” order and I’ve had my fill of looking at Santas, poinsettias, ornaments and yes, the tree.

This year wasn’t any different and, because New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday and Monday was an “official” holiday, I was able to knock it out all in a two consecutive day period instead of having it drawn out over a two-week period like usual. This felt GREAT! One huge project done and out of the way and I had my house back!

As the last of the storage boxes made their way back down to the basement until next year and I made my way back upstairs, I felt liberated. I walked into the main floor of my home expecting to feel a major sense of accomplishment, but instead I felt a little, well, I’m not really sure how to describe just what I felt. I looked around the rooms that just a few short hours before had been adorned in bright reds and greens and cheerful holiday décor and now they looked so bare, so naked. My house felt cold and nothing like the warm, cozy home I had become accustomed to being in over the past couple of months. It must be like this every year, but for some reason I don’t recall it ever really making an impact on me like it did this year. I did not like what I was seeing or feeling.

Aside from hauling the decorations back up, which obviously wasn’t even a consideration, what could I do? As I looked around my bare house with their light brown walls and out the windows at the brown grass and barren trees, a thought crossed my mind. I needed something cheerful. I needed something to remind me of what was coming next now that the holiday season had come to an end. I needed something … green. Aha! I would replace the bright holiday reds and greens with some live greens – house plants!

I surveyed the few plants I already had and they were looking a little under the weather, so I started pruning and re-potting, adding new soil as needed. I have a spider plant that I took some “baby” spiders from and started them as shoots by placing them in wine glasses of various heights filled with water around my kitchen and they looked really cute! Once they develop roots, I can pot them too. I also went to my local home improvement store and picked up a couple of new plants at a very reasonable price to add around my house.

Plants have always been a mainstay in home décor.If you feel as though you don’t have a green thumb, the plant named Pothos is very forgiving and almost impossible to kill, or you could consider artificial plants. While the artificial ones won’t give you the added benefits of cleaner air inside your home that the live variety provides, they will definitely do a great job of brightening up your space.

While I was at the home improvement store that day, I saw the little grower starter kits and decided that this year instead of buying plants for my garden I would grow them from seeds. The kits come with instructions and they are very inexpensive. I used to do this a lot, but somehow a few years back I got away from it.  You can just put up a couple of T.V. trays (or any sort of table) next to a well-lit window and start your seeds indoors.

You can even make a growing kit yourself. This is an especially fun and educational project to do with the kids. They will love it!  If you don’t have the desire or space for a traditional garden, consider a container garden for tomatoes, green peppers, strawberries or even herbs. Using a strawberry pot and planting different herbs in the little shelves is a great way to grow a container herb garden and an alternative use for that style of pot.

With the internet today, the resources for information on these types of projects are literally infinite as are the benefits of growing your own food and the memories you’ll be making with your children. And, you’ll be warming up that space that feels so empty after the holidays.

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Jeanne Frank is Prime Parents’ Club regular home and entertainment contributor who is a Real Estate broker and enjoys everything real estate related. She developed a love of interior design after studying it in Atlanta and San Diego. Jeanne provides quick, fun tips on everything home-related and entertaining including decorating, recipes, savings and more on her blog Fun Home Tips. Follow her on Twitter as @FunHomeTips and on Facebook.


Jeanne Frank is Prime Parents’ Club regular home and entertainment contributor who is a Real Estate broker and enjoys everything real estate related. She developed a love of interior design after studying it in Atlanta and San Diego. Jeanne provides quick, fun tips on everything home-related and entertaining including decorating, recipes, savings and more on her blog Fun Home Tips. Follow her on Twitter as @FunHomeTips and on Facebook.

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