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Car Fashion Trends for 2012

Prime Parents Club Car Fashion Trends 2012

Fashion trends in 2012 are not limited to shoes and apparel; cars are a fashion accessory that many people use to define class, luxury and their social status. Men and women alike enjoy the many luxuries that 2012 model year vehicles have to offer, but their styles differ from there.

Men enjoy a different type of luxury vehicle than women, although many people are surprised to learn that women are just as in tune to their vehicles as men.

Best Luxury Cars

Everyone needs a little luxury in their lives; and since the car is where people spend so much of their time, it makes sense for their vehicles to have all of the modern luxuries. For 2012, luxury cars such as the Cadillac SRX, the Acura TL and the Jaguar XF are among the most popular and most purchased luxury cars on the market. Each of these luxury vehicles includes plenty of space – the SRX is a crossover SUV while the TL and XF are both sedans – high end upgrades and the utmost in luxury. Heated and air-conditioned leather seats, power seats, memory function seats, dual climate control, rearview back up cameras, parking sensors, integrated Bluetooth systems, USB ports, panoramic sunroof and navigation systems with real-time traffic and weather are just a small portion of the upgrades these vehicles offer. And that is precisely why these are the most stylish luxury vehicles of 2012.

Men’s Picks

For the 2012 model year, nothing makes men happier than the Cadillac Escalade. This full-size SUV has all the bells and whistles and the ability to make men feel powerful and masculine when behind the wheel. While men are happy with the SRX, the TL and XF, men with their own choice opt for the Escalade. This SUV is masculine and mean and men feel proud to have it in their driveway.

Women’s Picks

With a more refined style, women with a choice opt for the 2012 Mercedes E-Class. This is a four door sedan with enough room for the kids and all the upgrades that make women feel they are able to run their errands in style and luxury. The entire family fits comfortably, the ride is large and luxurious and women love the extra amenities that the E-Class has to offer.

While men and women have different tastes, one thing is certain; luxury always prevails when it comes to fashionable vehicles.

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