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Member Community | How To Apply for a Specific VIPP Perk

So you see a VIPP Perk we released and you want to snag it … but you’re totally confused. Just how the heck do you apply to let us know that you want to try out one of those awesome free products or services anyway?

The process has several basic steps that looks like this:

Login > VIPP Perks Group > Perks Forum > Click on link within Forum

Let’s break it down a little further.

Specifically, how do I get to VIPP Perks to apply for them?

1. You must first login (or sign up) to our member community (very top of the website screen).

VIPP Perks Step 1

2. Go to the VIPP Perks group. (If you are not yet a member of the group, then you will need to request an invite by clicking on “Request an Invite.”)

VIPP Perks Step 2

3. Scroll through the list of available groups until you see “VIPP Perks.” Click on the title to go to that group.

VIPP Perks Step 3

4. Once you are in the VIPP Perks Group, click on “Forum.” (After the description of the group, you will see HOME, FORUM.)

VIPP Perks Step 4

VIPP Perks Step 5


5. Look for the title “VIPP Perk Release.” (Each VIPP Perk product or service will start with this title and then list the product or service after that.)

VIPP Perks Step 5

Click on that forum title for the perk you are interested in.

6. Read the description. If you are interested in applying for the perk, click on the link within that forum description and enter the appropriate information.

VIPP Perks Step 6

Important: For each perk that is released, you will have to apply separately so that we know you are interested. You will do this by clicking on the unique link in each perk description (as seen in the example screenshot above).

If you are chosen for the perk, we will notify you via the email that you provided in the unique link when you applied for the perk.

Want to receive alerts when we release new VIPP Perks? Within the VIPP Perks group, make sure you click on to receive “all email” from the group. Also, sign up for our newsletter and click to receive VIPP Perks.

Have other questions? Check out and join our Members FAQ group to see if we’ve covered it in there. If not, you can leave a question in there for us to answer.


Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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