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4 Types of Super Bowl People

Prime Parents Club Super Bowl

The Super Bowl game has become one of the most celebrated and watched sporting events in the nation and perhaps the whole world. Millions will find themselves in front of the television to watch the best team from the AFC go against the NFC for the title of the best team in the National Football League.

There are a variety of reasons that people may watch the event and we find that they fall into four categories.

Type 1 – The Football Game Enthusiast

One of the main reasons that people watch the Super Bowl game is because they enjoy football. Despite all the hype that may surround the game, the teams that are competing and the commercials during the televised event, many viewers tune in to see a good, competitive game of football.

The football devotees may not even care if their favorite team is in the game; they expect to see an action-filled game between two competitive football teams. These fans are considered the die-hard football fanatics who are going to watch the Super Bowl no matter what. They’ll either congregate around a television at home, in a sports bar or at the game itself (if they are able to secure a ticket). To them, their love of football is paramount over any other reason to watch the Super Bowl.

Included in this group are the fans who watch the Super Bowl because their favorite teams are playing in the championship game. While there may be many who will watch because their team

is playing, they may not be die-hard football fans but don’t want to miss the game due to its significance to giving the winning team bragging rights.

Type 2 – The Commercial Watcher

Over the years, the commercials that appear on television during the Super Bowl have grown to become an even greater reason that many people watch. The build-up to the  game continues to garner even more attention as advertisers prepare to introduce new commercials that will capture the attention of viewers between periods of action in the game. An online poll conducted each year has shown that more people are watching for the commercials.

For those who watch specifically to see the commercials, they may not even care what teams are playing, they watch solely to see how unique, funny and interesting the commercials will be. Even those who are enjoying the game itself will make sure not to miss the commercials.

Each year the advertisers go to great lengths to present commercials that will captivate and surprise their viewers. The Super Bowl has been one of the best events on televisions for businesses to launch new products, re-energize established brands or introduce the companies to the viewing public. Many Internet companies got significant sales boosts and greater name recognition by advertising during the Super Bowl game. Despite the hefty costs per ad spot, these businesses know that many will be viewing the game just to see what new commercials will be presented.

The commercials may also help draw more female viewers to the Super Bowl game than just the sports action of the game itself. Polls show that more women watch the Super Bowl game for commercials than for the football game. Given these statistics, advertisers are targeting more commercials toward the female demographic to draw upon this growing audience. The Super Bowl is one of the few sporting events where they will have a significant number of female viewers during a primarily male-dominated sport.

Type 3 – The Halftime Show Watcher

There is another group of Super Bowl viewers who will watch the game primarily for the halftime events. They are more interested in the performers and halftime activities than the game or the commercials. The Super Bowl games are known for having some of the top contemporary entertainers perform during halftime.

Elaborate productions and spectacular performances have characterized the halftime shows over the last several years. Many may watch to see what surprises may occur during halftime, especially since the controversy that erupted due to Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show.

Despite the network’s scrutiny and more stringent guidelines to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again, the halftime show still provides the opportunity for extraordinary or unique performances by today’s hottest entertainers. For many viewers, this is a good reason to watch the Super Bowl.

Type 4 – The Super Bowl Partygoer

The Super Bowl game has become a great reason for people to gather together in their homes to have a party. The number of Super Bowl parties has grown tremendously over the years. The combination of the football game, the commercials and the halftime events has made the game an important social event for many people.

Parties held to watch the Super Bowl game tend to draw many people who would not normally watch the Super Bowl game if they stayed at home. They may come for the food and drinks and the social aspect, but find themselves watching the snippets of the game since it may be hard to avoid it while they’re there.

With the preponderance of large flat screen televisions that are a must for a Super Bowl party, it makes it even easier to have a group of friends over to watch the game. Based on the number of websites, businesses and other entities that focus on how to host a Super Bowl party and what to serve, it is obvious that this has become a significant social and sporting event.

What kind of Super Bowl person are you?

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