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Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Tips

PrimeParentsClubKidFriendlySuperBowlThe Super Bowl is a day of fun for adults and children alike. Unfortunately, children’s attention sways quickly and before you know it you’re spending all of your time entertaining the little ones instead of enjoying the game. With a little planning and a few kid-friendly party ideas for the Super Bowl, you can have a fun football filled day the whole family will enjoy.

Engage the Kids

Help the kids get into the game by sharing your passion for the sport. Teach your children the rules of the game, but remember to keep the instructions on their level. This can be especially difficult for younger children who would rather throw around a plastic football instead of learning about the man in motion. If you’re faced with this dilemma, just give your children some football toys and encourage them to cheer when your teams scores. For the older kids, purchase them some team gear, paint their face and encourage them to get into the sport. Sharing your passion for football will generally be enough to keep them engaged until the final play.

Provide Football Crafts

Another one of the easiest kid-friendly ideas for the Super Bowl is to create a football-themed craft room. Set up stations filled with construction paper, safety scissors, glue, glitter, and anything else the kids need to build their own football crafts. Include football coloring books and locate coloring pages online that feature helmets, footballs or cheerleading outfits your little ones can decorate. Once again, join in on the fun during halftime and after the game by creating your own crafts. And, a helpful hint to make clean-up a breeze? Line the crafting area floor with newspaper. The kids can color on the newspaper and once you’re finished, simply pick it up and toss away all of the mess.

Have a Pool Party

If you live in one of the warmer states, you can plan a pool party for the kids during the Big Game. If you don’t have a pool, don’t worry. Just fill up a few inexpensive inflatable pools, fill them with pool toys like water guns, rubber ducks, and inflatable pool floats. If you do have a pool, make sure there is a pool fence installed to ensure the children don’t wander inside once the party is over. Throw a barbecue during half-time and enjoy some time in the water with your kids once the game is over.


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