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5 Awesome Online Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and many children will begin making Valentine’s Day cards at school or participating in a card exchange with their classmates. But what will they do at home? Get into the spirit this year and participate in some computer fun with your children. Not only will it give you a creative way to drain their energy but it will  provide some bonding time as well. Here are some great ideas and resources that will help get you started!


Puzzles are a great way to develop your young child’s problem solving skills. Rather than pull out cardboard puzzles and risk losing all of those tiny pieces in the carpet, complete Valentine’s Day themed jigsaw puzzles on the Internet. Some of the best puzzles feature an animation at the end as a prize for solving the puzzle! Check out Apples4TheTeacher  for a few great, animated puzzles.


Computer games can be a good way for your child to develop hand-eye coordination, among other developmental skills. Whether you are looking for memory games, pop-it games or even word games, you can find them online and, best of all, with a Valentine’s Day theme. The  has a variety of games: concentration, spot the difference and even alpha drop. There’s enough to keep you and the kids entertained for hours.


Who among us hasn’t sent an E-card from time to time? Whether you’ve sent one in lieu of a paper card or in addition to one, E-cards are gaining popularity among the masses. Sit down with your kids and let them create a Valentine’s Day card for your spouse, their sibling or even their Grandma.  has a good selection of animated cards, virtual gifts and postcards for your kids to choose from.


If you have kids that like to color, don’t spend good money on coloring books that will only take up space. Print out coloring pages one at a time for your kids to enjoy. Get out the box of crayons, sit down at the dining room your kids to enjoy. Get out the box of crayons, sit down at the dining room table and color together! If your children are young enough, you can make teach them color recognition: Will you hand me the red crayon, please? If they’re older, turn it into a race: Who can finish their picture the fastest while staying in the lines? has a good selection of printable coloring pages.

Printable Cards

Everyone, young and old, loves receiving Valentine’s Day cards. Sit with your kids and print some out. has dozens of cards that your kids can print out and decorate in any way they wish. Get into the spirit and make some of your own alongside your children. Once you’ve amassed 20 or 30 cards, take them to the children’s wing of the local hospital or a nursing home in the area. Ask the nurses if they can hand them out to the patients or, better yet, if your children can hand them out. It’s a great lesson in helping those who are, at least for the moment, less fortunate than you.

Valentine’s Day is a great day that lends itself to a variety of creative activities. Whether you want to sit in front of the computer, or use these websites for fantastic printables, spend the afternoon with your kids being creative. You may be surprised at how much fun you have.

Jennifer Collins is a mother of three, and content contributor to kids websites, a fun site providing many safe places for your child’s enjoyment.

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