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Has Technology Deleted Romance from Our Lives?

Prime Parents Club Technology RomanceIt’s hard enough to be romantic when you’re a parent, but what about technology? Do you spend more time in front of your screens than in front of your loved ones? Do you connect more online than with your partner? Can you recall the last time you’ve hand-written a letter, a card, or a note to your significant other? (Texts and e-mails don’t count.) It’s not easy being romantic in this Age of Technology.

Sure, we can do romantic things via the internet like creating online slideshows with music (with pictures of our kids, of course) or ordering something online. Is this the evolution of romance? If so, it’s time to go back in time and rekindle the romance that’s been fading away from our lives.

So, let’s take a tech time out this coming Valentine’s. Screens out. Romance on. Candles lit. Face-to-face. Mind-to-mind. Heart-to-heart. Soul-to-soul. Listening. Loving. Learning.

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Renny Fong has been an educator for over 15 years, teaching pre-kindergarten through fifth grade; he currently teaches technology. His wife and his five-year-old son are his biggest joy and inspiration. He started his blog, TimeOutDad, in September 2009 and is a contributor to Book Dads and KidZui’s blog. You can follow him on Twitter.

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