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3 Tips on How to Get a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift

Prime-Parents-Club-Valentines-Day-Gift-IdeasWe’ve all heard that there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes. I would like to add an amendment to this statement. It has occurred to me that at least one more thing is sure: men are definitely “challenged” when it comes to gift giving.

Fellas, I’m sorry. It is not my intention to offend you, but can we please be honest because 99 percent of men have no idea what to get their significant other for birthdays, Christmas or, my particular favorite, Valentine’s Day. It’s not to say that you don’t give it your all; I know you do. However, sometimes you miss the mark so horribly that you might as well not even have wasted your time shooting.

These tips are for all of the significant others out there who have received a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, a can opener for their birthday or an outrageous piece of lingerie for Valentine’s Day that wasn’t really a gift for you at all; if you know what I mean. Here is how to get the perfect gift for V-day even if your significant other is gift-selecting challenged.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

1. Use Social Networking to Your Advantage

Chances are that you both don’t share the same Facebook account. Your wall is a great place to post blatant hints. Have your eye on that new Coach bag? Post a picture and follow it with a great comment like “This is the best bag EVER! If I don’t get it I WILL DIE!” The hint is obvious; you think. May I suggest following up every day until Valentine’s Day? Yes, you may annoy your friends but think about it: you can enlist their help! Message your friends and tell them your goal is to get the bag for V-Day. Ask them to post responses to your comments like “did you get your bag yet?” or “OMG you’re right! It’s GORGEOUS!” These responses will leave you wide open to post more hints.

2. Strategically Place Photographs

If you’ve found an item that you love, whether it’s an amethyst colored jacket or a fancy new watch, find it in a magazine, buy ten copies and tear out the advertisements. Place them strategically throughout your significant other’s domicile. By “strategically”, I mean: on the bathroom mirror, on the fridge, in the freezer, tucked into their bag, on the inside of the medicine cabinet; let your mind run wild!

3. Ask Him What He Wants

Is it obvious? You may think so, but don’t be fooled. Not everyone falls for this tactic. The goal here is for him to ask you what you want. Start the conversation with something like this: “Valentine’s Day is coming up, do you want anything special?” A smart guy is going to answer you and then ask you the same. A guy whose bulb may not burn brightly is going to answer you and go back to playing Call of War. Use this tip at your own discretion; you run a high risk of undue frustration.

These three tips can work for even the most challenged of individuals, but you must be prepared to be blatantly obvious. So obvious, in fact, that your hint is no longer a hint but a direct order. While telling someone exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day does take the element of surprise out of the whole day, it also completely eliminates any chance of disappointment. It’s up to you to decide what is more important: being surprised or getting exactly what you want. I vote for getting exactly what you want.

Guest author Tanya Peterson resides in NYC and is a content contributor

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