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5 Sexy Valentine’s Meal Themes Light on Budget and Diet

Prime Parents Club Sexy Valentines Meals

You can’t think of Valentine’s Day without thinking of hearts, the ultimate symbol of love. This year, do something extra special for your sweetie and tell them you love them with an intimate, heart healthy dinner that won’t blow your diet or your budget. Need some suggestions for the menu? Here are five sensuous, sexy options that will be sure to having you cooking up romance before the night is over.

An Evening in Paris

Set the scene with flickering candlelight, some soft French music in the background, and wine glasses on the table. Serve up a light potato and leek soup, a delicious roasted lemon chicken, and a side of sautéed spinach with garlic. Finish off this romantic meal with a slimmed down version of Crème Caramel. Your love can’t help saying magnifiques and it won’t just be about the food. You can find all these healthy French recipes and more at Good Housekeeping’s Guilt-Free French Bistro Menu.

A Romantic Night in Rome

Toss a red and white checked cloth over the table, pop a dripping candle into an old wine bottle, and get ready for amore. Begin the meal with a fresh green salad and then serve up this sensational Garlic Shrimp served over angel hair pasta or rice. Team with a side of broccoli parmesan and complete this Italian feast with a Tiramisu recipe that you’ll never believes rings in at only 155 calories per serving. These recipes are courtesy of

A Magical Mexican Moment

Spice up your Valentine’s meal with a medley of Mexican flavors. Start with Mexican Salad with Pomegranate-Lime Dressing, followed by Ancho-Rubbed Flank Steak, Spanish rice, and a mouthwatering Mexican Chocolate Soufflé. You’ll find these delicious recipes at Cooking Light.

Mediterranean Moonlight Mood

Set the mood for an exotic evening with a Mediterranean meal that is sure to delight. A simple Greek salad is a great beginning, especially when followed by Chicken Souvlaki served with couscous. Complete with a light dessert of fresh fruit drizzled with honey. You’ll find the Chicken Souvlaki recipe along with many other healthy Mediterranean recipes at

Luau for Lovers

Set the stage with flowers and seashells and greet your love with a lei. Open the evening with a spinach and pineapple salad, and then deepen the tropical air with a serving of Hawaiian Chicken. For dessert, there’s creamy Roasted Banana Pudding. After this meal, you’ll feel like you’ve escaped to your own tropical paradise for you Valentine’s getaway.

With a little creativity, you can turn Valentine’s Day into an unforgettable evening at home with your love. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but for it to be a truly successful night, you do have to put your heart into it.

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