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5 Ways to Grow Your Relationship this Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, love is palpable in the air. If you are in a relationship, this holiday proves to be the perfect opportunity to amp up the romance and get to know the object of your affection a bit better.

Instead of simply hitting the town for the standard candlelight dinner, try something less common and use this occasion as a chance to build your relationship and make your affections abundantly clear to the one you love the most.

Valentines Day Romance

5 Relationship Romance Ideas for Valentine’s Day

 1. Make a Trip to Her Hometown

Show your lover that you are eager to learn more about her by surprising her with a trip to her hometown on Valentine’s Day. Book a romantic room in a hotel in or near the town in which she grew up. Load your lover into the car without telling her where you are going until you get too close to hide the surprise any longer.

Once you arrive at her hometown and check into your room, allow her to take over and show you all the hotspots this town has to offer, from the place she went to high school to the restaurant at which she use to eat pizza with her friends. Not only will this allow you to learn more about her, it will show her just how attentive and eager you are to uncover who she really is.

2. Hold a His and Hers Movie Marathon

Instead of fighting the crowds on Valentine’s Day, have a romantic night in designed to grow your relationship by holding a his and hers movie marathon.

Each of you pick some favorite movies. On Valentine’s night, cuddle up on the sofa and watch these flicks while sharing some wine and tasty edibles.

As you view each film, talk about it with your partner, using the movies as a medium through which to communicate and allowing the viewing of each film to give you a little more insight into what makes your Valentine tick.

Need a start? We recommend these fun romantic comedies:

Sabrina movie (AFFILIATE)   Serendipity movie (AFFILIATE)   Hitch movie (AFFILIATE)  French Kiss (AFFILIATE)


3. Improve Your Home

If you and your Valentine share a home, spend some time on the lover’s holiday making that home a more comfortable place. Instead of waiting for the sun to set like many Valentine’s celebrants do, start early with a project such painting a room that you hope will one day be a nursery or pulling up the outdated carpeting that fills some of the rooms and laying down quality hardwood flooring instead. Think of it as the ultimate “Honey Do” gift!

As the day draws to a close, spice up the romance by inviting your partner to join you in a hot bath to relax the muscles you worked so hard while improving your home. Particularly if you and your partner just moved into this new home, your partner will likely appreciate the effort you are putting into perfecting your nest.

4. Walk Down Memory Lane

Instead of taking your lover to a fancy new restaurant this Valentine’s Day, use the occasion as an opportunity to revisit some favorite old haunts. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, think about where you and your partner have shared some of your most intimate moments. Make a list of these sites, then map out a plan to visit all or most of them on Valentine’s Day.

Plan, for example, to go ice skating at the rink where you shared your first kiss, then walk down the road on which you met each other as you head to a dinner at the restaurant you visited on your first date. As you cart your partner from site to site, reminding her of the pleasant times you had when your relationship was in its infancy, you will likely stir emotions within her and surely show her that you care enough to get creative on this Valentine’s Day.

5. Create a “What I Like About You” Wall

There are likely numerous things about your partner that have you so enamored with her, but have you ever really told her what about her you appreciate most?

On Valentine’s Day, get a little sappy and share the reasons why you think your lover is better than the rest. Cut red hearts out of construction paper or purchase heart sticky notes.

Using a black marker, write something you love about your lover on each heart, no matter how small the reason for your affection may seem. If, for example, you love the way she pushes her hair behind her ears when she is cooking dinner, jot this down on a heart. After filling as many hearts as you can, stick them up on a wall in your home.

Treat your partner to dinner in, then take her to this wall of affection and allow her to read all the reasons why you think she is beyond parallel.

Guest writer Justin works with hardwood flooring when he’s not in the kitchen, hanging out with two friendly cats, or creating photographic art with his wife.


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