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Love Is In the Air

Prime Parents Club Valentines DaySniff. Sniff.

Can you smell it? Uh-oh! Love is in the air! So go ahead, bend over and let Cupid arrow you right in the buttocks. It’s that time of the year again. It’s the time of the year when couples, boyfriends, girlfriends, life partners, man-crushes, or even Facebook creepers profess their love for one another. Good ole St. Valentine’s Day!

You know, that special day when you feel obligated to spend $237 just to show your little Snookums how much they mean to you. The time when you dig through that bag of candy hearts just to find the one with that ultra special message: BE MINE. And if you’ve forgotten, sorry aboutchya. You’ve missed the seven-month deadline to make those special dinner reservations so Sweetie Pie can literally have her cake and eat it too. Better head out and pick up some sliders ’cause you’ll be eating alone, Casanova!

My question is this: Do you really need ONE.SPECAIL.DAY. just to tell someone you love them? Shouldn’t you be telling them that year ‘round? And why is February 14th the magic day to profess your love to Babydoll? What’s wrong with telling him/her on the third Thursday in August? (At least it’s warm on that day!)

I decided to do a little research on this day of mystery to help clear up any questions you might have.

According to history, the Romans celebrated “The Feast of Lupercalia” on February 14th. This was to honor Juno-the Goddess of Women and marriage. (Of course she was.) As for the whole chocolate over black licorice (which SHOULD be the candy of choice), apparently Casanova–who was known throughout history as “The Great Lover”–ate chocolate on a regular basis to help make himself virile. (Pause for a moment of uncomfortable silence here.) My crack research also uncovered that the red rose was the favorite flower of Venus (the Roman Goddess of Love).

So there you have the cold, hard, facts. I couldn’t really find any thing on giving cards. I just figure the card companies jumped on the gift giving bandwagon and guilted you into giving a card to complete the love ensemble.

Just for the record, I am not some jilted or scorned lover that is bitter because I don’t have a special little honey to shower with gifts in hopes of getting, um, her feeling appreciated and loved. (Yeah! That’s it!) In fact, I am fortune to have not one, but TWO special ladies in my life. My daughters reap the benefits of having a single dad who happens to truly love them dearly. And yes, they will be getting flowers, candy, a card AND I will take them out to dinner.

So on that special 14th day of February, couples and single parents unite to do your part to show that love is in the air. Get the flowers, cards, candy and the eats and celebrate. And, if you are fortunate to have a significant other, hopefully you’ve planned for that special day. If not, get with it. Otherwise, you might end up running into the girls and me at the drive through picking of a 10-sack and large order of onion chips.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Stuck somewhere in the middle of a paradigm shift and the status quo, Robb J. is a 41-year-old, single dad who likes swimming in the deep end without the use of floaties. Born and raised in small community in central Indiana (and living in the fame and popularity shadow of brunette cheerleaders who were a year older), he lives his life with small town values, while never taking himself or life’s daily dilemmas too serious.

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