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Daddy Time Bath Solace | Dad Should Pamper Himself, Too

Bubble Baths: Not just for Women

Most mothers will take any opportunity they can to get away from the hubby and the kids for an hour, just so they can lie back and unwind in a hot soapy bubble bath with lots of pampering wash and beauty products to hand. Dads, meanwhile, tend to spend far less time in the tub, using the facility to quickly rinse themselves of the day’s dirt only.

Daddy Time Bath Pampering

But fathers need to relax, too, and the bath is the perfect place. However, in the wake of the popularity of lavender bath oils, sugar body scrubs and deep hair conditioning masks, it is no wonder the bath is largely considered to be a feminine space of solitude.

Bath Pamper Products Do Not Have to Be Girly!

You may have heard of the movement known as “metrosexuality.” This word describes the contemporary man who will spend a significant amount of time and/or money on his appearance. This concept grows in popularity as pressures to look our best continue to mount. This is not to say that fathers should begin to spend longer in front of the mirror each day than their partners (though some no doubt do); the point is that there is no longer a lot of stigma attached to male grooming that goes beyond a razor and a bar of soap.

My husband is one father that enjoys unwinding in the tub with a few male “beauty” products. He doesn’t go overboard, but I can guarantee that whenever he climbs into the tub that he will have his favorite shampoo and an exfoliating face wash in hand. He also enjoys using his manly shower gel in the bath (although he’d be less ready to admit that he uses my pink pouf to laver up with).

Post-Bath Final Touches

Male bath pampering extends to those few minutes after climbing out of the bathtub also. Using a facial moisturizer is highly recommended (particularly if a shave has occurred) since hot water can really dehydrate the skin. Constantly dehydrated skin will see men age well before their time. There are many moisturizers designed specifically for men these days so no dads will need to steal from their lady’s product stash!

The suppleness of daddy’s skin is sure to be a big hit with their partner, as will his scent if he splashes on a little cologne. While relaxing in the tub should be the father’s priority, going the extra mile in terms of appearance will make them feel more confident and this in turn can see many of life’s little worries spiral down the plug hole with the dirty bath water.

Bath Time Entertainment for Men

One of the reasons many dads are so eager to get out of the bath so quickly is that they fast become bored. While women are more than happy to do nothing but apply products while they soak (and maybe watch a candle flicker away on the windowsill), men can become restless and feel as if they should actually be doing something.

For the good of dad’s mental well-being, combine some favorite pastimes with bathing. There’s nothing to stop him from taking the book he is currently reading into the bath with him so long as he does not drop it! Also, setting up a smart mobile phone or CD player (powered by batteries for safety) in the bathroom means papa can listen to his most-loved music while immersing himself, making the experience a far less lacklustre one.

It’s the privacy of the bathroom that will allow dad to truly loosen up, so he should be encouraged to enjoy himself in there.

Guest writer Kat Whithouse  works part-time as a supervisor at an indoor adventure playground which contains a plethora of playground equipment including climbing frames and cubby houses for kids.

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  1. Climbing Frames

    February 28, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    I’ll get some more manly bath pampering products right away! :D

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