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Finding Free Family Activities Around Your Town

Prime Parents Club Free Family Events

I love getting out to kid friendly activities with my six-year-old daughter. We are lucky in that we have a number of local businesses, libraries, parks, and a university that all have kid friendly events. However, so do a number of national stores.

There are always a number of great events going on at national chains, and most of them are even free.

Target has teamed up with Reading Across America to have a special reading of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss at all Target stores nationwide. In addition to the reading, they gave free goody bags, activities, and more. The Lorax movie opened on March 2, 2012, for Dr. Seuss’s 108th birthday.

Lowe’s Build and Grow Program has ongoing programs, the most recent being the Rumblin’ Race Car building event. Advance registration is required and some stores fill up early. Our local Lowe’s are already booked for this event. However, they still have openings available for their March 10, 2012, Build and Grow Project: Carnival Hoops where kids will construct a Basketball hoop – just in time for March Madness.

Home Depot also has a March Kids Workshop and does not require advance registration.

Michael’s will help older kids learn how to make a diorama with Scene-A+-Rama Demo, for children ages 3 and up. I would recommend that children be at least elementary school age for this event.

Another good place to look for events is at Barnes and Noble. The events vary by store, so it is best to check their website. For example, our local Barnes and Noble recently had  a birthday party for Elmo and an American Girl event. Other stores in our area also have story times.

If you are looking for local events, there are several good places to start. A search on “kids activities” can produce some results. You can also add the word “free” to your search to find free and low-cost activities. Depending on where you live, you may want to try neighboring towns or cities in your search. Your local newspaper is also a good resource especially if they have an online community calendar. Local bloggers are also a great resource.

Places to look for events in your area:

  • Libraries or book stores for story times
  • Museums for family days, hands on activities, and more
  • Colleges/Universities for sporting events, community events, theater, and more (check to see if they have museums)
  • Community Organizations – Jaycess, religious organizations, etc.
  • Municipalities – Parks departments, school districts (high school theater & concerts), community education, etc.


Anna Mae Trievel is a Family Activities Contributor for Prime Parents Club. She writes the blog Ann Arbor with Kids, gathering the best local events and activities for families in Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding areas. You can find her on Facebook as Ann Arbor With Kids or on Twitter as @a2withkids.

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  1. Prime Parents Club

    March 6, 2012 at 7:32 am

    THanks for such a comprehensive list. I never really thought about all the FREE things there are to do with the family until you listed them all out here!


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