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Why You Need a ‘Mom Cave’

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We’ve been seeing plenty of pictures and articles on the man cave, where a man can be himself, so why not come up with a mom cave? A mom cave is a place for the harried mother who needs some time to herself or simply a base of operations in the middle of a busy home. Just like a man cave, it doesn’t need to be much more than a small room, but it can be a small room that is devoted to you and the activities that you want to pursue. Check out just a few of the reasons why you should have a mom cave.

Project Space

Whether you love to sew for your family or you can’t get enough of knitting hats, scarves and mittens, you know that your projects take up space. It’s far too easy for even the smallest projects to get away from you, and if you find that your balls of

yarn and lengths of fabric keep finding their way to the dining room and the living room, a mom cave is what you need. Use your mom cave to keep your crafts organized.


Have you ever been in the middle of making a gift for someone and then had that person bounce through the door? A mom cave, just like a man cave, is perfect for privacy. Whether you just need to take a moment to yourself or you want to make sure that you can finish your darling daughter’s present before her birthday with no one the wiser, a mom cave gives you all the cover you need.

One on One Time

It can be hard to spend time with a single child when you have two or more, but sometimes, that’s just what your kid needs. Especially as kids start getting older, they are going to need more of your attention in certain ways. If your son or daughter wants to talk to  you privately, a mom cave is a great place for that. There is a door to close and you’ll be able to talk seriously with no interruptions. You can use this room to help you connect with each of your children.

Relaxation and Meditation

Being a mom is not easy, even when it is a lot of fun. Even if you wouldn’t trade your family for anything, sometimes you want to get some time to yourself. You can decorate your mom cave any way you like, and this can give you a respite from the rest of the house. When you share space with other people, there are plenty of compromises that need to be made. In your mom cave, however, it is your choice regarding what you want to put up and how you want it to look. Use your mom cave to relax and meditate, even if it is only for a few moments at a time.

Express Creativity

A mom cave asks you to use your creativity. Look at the space you are working with. How can you make it into a space that makes you happy? For example, if you are working in an unfinished basement, rugs and fabric on the walls can help you feel much more cozy. Similarly, you’ll discover that strong lights can brighten up your space, while posters can remind you of your favorite movies or art pieces.

A mom cave is a terrific choice for any mom who wants a little space all to herself. Consider your home and where you can tuck your mom cave. Whether it is large or small, a space that is all your own is special.

Guest writer Carrie G. is a blog guest writer and mom of two girls. She and her husband reside in Charleston where they
enjoy camping together and playing with their daughters. She helps people shop for young drivers car insurance quotes and get the best rates for car insurance.

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