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Women Over 40 Largest At-Risk Group for AIDS

Prime Parents Club Women Over Age 40 AIDSOver half of the people infected with AIDS are now women, and the largest at-risk group belongs to women over 40 years old.

According to, Dr. Betsy Kleiner, an infectious disease specialist, said, “Women over the age of 40 often times are not concerned about practicing safe sex practices because they are not at risk for getting pregnant. And because of this, they may not be using condoms or other measures to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections”

The statistics provided by the Southern Colorado AIDS Project shows that the face of AIDS continues to change.

In 2001, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that the AIDS was rising twice as fast in individuals 50 and older than in the 13 to 49 age range.

Women 40 and up, especially premenopausal and menopausal, are especially vulnerable to disease transmission during unprotected sex.

“Vaginal dryness and the thinning of the vaginal walls that make them vulnerable to small tears and abrasions that can increase the risk of HIV infection during unprotected sex,” reported

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