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New Puppy Potty Training, Part 1

Prime Parents Club Puppy Potty TrainingCongratulations and yay! You’re embarking on, well, a tiring, somewhat stressful, but joy filled and ultimately wonderful friendship. You’ve got some work ahead of you though and I hope you’re ready.

Thanks to Bonny Wainz, CDT and owner of Alternative Canine Training, in this post you’ll get some rock solid info regarding every new puppy owners most vital task (duh duh duuuuuuuuhhh) potty training.

First of all, crate the puppy when you aren’t able to supervise your new tail wagging ball of joy. This is only a temporary solution and shouldn’t be needed beyond the training period. Eight to eleven week old puppies may need to go outside every half an hour of awake time (time they are awake and out of the crate), while 11 weeks to 4 months may need to go outside an average of 45 minutes for awake time. Allow them this time, even if you need to set a stove timer to help them.

Being consistent is the key to training your new canine friend. Be prepared for potty training to take about two weeks.

Here’s the simple break down for training your new pal to go potty outside like a big dog:

  • Take them to the place where they are expected to go potty, give them the potty command such as “Go potty,” and then look away. (Have you tried to potty while someone watches you?)
  • Keep repeating the command and, as SOON as they are done, reward them with a treat.

This bears repeating – do not reward your puppy just for going outside but do make sure to reward them for going potty on command right away.

In the next posts, I’ll share Bonny’s advice and thoughts on the most common potty training errors (which yes, can apply to other aspects of training your new canine) and a few other cool things to take into consideration while trying to train your new pal.

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