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Mom Cave Themes on a Budget

Prime Parents Club Decorating a Mom Cave

Every mom needs a sanctuary. After spending all day, every day taking care of a home, a family, and often working a full-time job as well, moms need a place to call their very own. When a room  or space in the home is left unused, take the time to claim it and turn that space into your own “Mom Cave.”

Long on Ideas, Short on Time

We know you don’t have a lot of time to spend on building your Mom Caves. Starting to turn a room into a Mom Cave should not take longer than a couple of hours. However, this can be difficult when you have so many ideas for your new room. Be sure to  focus on one general theme in order to keep your Mom Cave from becoming an ongoing, unfinished project.

Working with a Small Budget

A Mom Cave does not have to be a burdensome expense. Indeed, most rooms can function well by simply reusing items that are already within the home. Visit flea markets, secondhand stores and estate sales to find furnishings and decor to suit your tastes. You may also decide to decorate your Mom Cave a bit at a time, adding to the room as the mood and inspiration strikes you. As it is your own space, do with it as you please!

Choosing a Theme

Pick your theme based upon what generates the most joy. Combining too many of these themes can create a jumbled atmosphere and defeat the purpose of your own space. Choosing one central theme is easier to carry out and can give the room more fluidity.

  • The Crafty Mom

If you’re a Crafty Mom, you need a desk or craft table, a comfortable chair, and plenty of storage space for your various supplies. Add a computer and printer as budget allows and a filing cabinet for all of those magazines that seem to pile up over time, too!

  • The Socializer

Sometimes a Mom Cave is about spending time with other moms. If this is you, include plenty of comfortable seating, a low table for games and cocktails, and a well-stocked martini or wine bar.

  • The Fit Mom

Moms who prefer to spend their downtime staying in shape can equip their Mom Cave with an all-in-one exercise machine, a treadmill, and a spot for her yoga mat. Don’t forget the entertainment center so that you can follow workouts or listen to music while getting fit.

  • The Pampered Mom

Some of the best Mom Caves will allow you to pamper yourself. A well stocked mani/pedi station, aromatherapy candles, and calming colors can turn a day that is stressful into blissful. If the room has access to plumbing, consider adding a foot spa or even a private bath.

A Mom Cave is much-needed for any busy mom. If you have the space and a few hours to transform the room into your own space, you can have a spot that will allow you the privacy that you need and desire.

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