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How Parents Can Help Kids Prepare for College

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Parents can be every bit as helpful as school counselors in helping their loved ones determine what their college curriculum should be and what occupations they should seriously consider preparing for. This is because few people understand the attributes, skills, aptitudes and interests as well as the parents do.

Beginning college can be extremely intimidating. Many students get a little immobilized when it comes to making all of the decisions and acquiring the countless books and everything else they need to prepare for their new experience. Some students have relied on parents to help them wake up in the morning during their high school years.

Some very simple tools can make a huge difference. For instance, what about an alarm clock? Ask yourself this, “Did my child count on me to help them get up and prepared for school during high school?” If so, what makes you think that waking up and getting ready for college classes on their own isn’t going to be somewhat of a transition?

If your child is still in high school, now is the time to be encouraging them to accept more responsibility for themselves. How many things are you still doing for them that they can and should be doing for themselves? It is amazing how pampered many kids are in our civilized society.

Parents often desire to do everything they can for their children, thinking that they are showing love. Unfortunately, they are really not doing their teenage children any favors. You need to teach your child to become self actualized and responsible human beings long before you send them off to college. Even if your child is going to get their college education online, they still need to become extremely responsible to be successful in college and in life.

In some ways, online college classes take just as much dedication and planning as the traditional college experience. As a parent you need to be helping your child to develop good time management skills. This is critical in being successful in life regardless of what occupation one is preparing for.

Another important area of self improvement is financial planning. Look for ways to help your teenager to become a good money manager. Don’t make the phone calls and appointments for your child when they need doctor and dentist appointments. Those are great opportunities for your children to gain experience.

Make sure your student understands basic computer functions such as how to back up the data in their computer. School final exams can become a nightmare if all of the notes have been lost! Parents can play a critical role in helping their students prepare for a successful time in the higher education arena. With a little planning and preparation you can help your teenager have a rewarding college experience.

This post is by a guest writer of Bellevue University. They have everything from security management degrees to Masters of information systems degrees. Check out for more information on how to obtain the degree you are looking for.

Along with being a contributor to, Jacqueline Wilson is: Appalachia Advocate~Supporter of Women~Writer~Accidental Pit Bull Advocate.

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