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Your Home Garden and Landscape | Don’t Forget to Mulch!


When planting your garden, the site of fresh dirt around your newly planted green plants looks perfect. However, soon enough, the little weeds that are underneath all that fresh, turned-over earth will start sprouting and can quickly take over your new garden.Mulching can provide relief from unsightly weeds and more benefits than you might realize. And while mulching is not mandatory, it is recommended for not only keeping your garden weed free, but to also save you frustration down the road as well. So, don’t forget to mulch! Here’s why:

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* Mulching can prevent weeds from germinating and growing within all of your welcomed plants. That can be very unattractive if not kept under control, and while they are unpleasant to the eye, they also steal nutrients that could otherwise be going to your desirable plants.

* Mulch keeps the ground cooler on hot summer days. When the sun gets brutal in the summer, mulch provides protection from those extreme heat rays and keeps the soil and the roots within that soil at lower temperatures that the air.

* During winter, mulch can also provide a layer of protection from contrasting temperatures and frost protecting plants and their roots from the cold weather.

* Adding a layer of mulch makes watering less of an occurrence by holding in the moisture and keeps your plants from drying out so fast.

There are several different types of mulch, and where you are mulching often dictates on what type of mulch to use. Many of the materials you can use for mulch are often found in your back yard. Dead leaves, wood chips, grass clippings, and rocks or pebbles can all be used as mulch in and around your garden where you don’t have grass growing and don’t want weeds to show up. Straw and hay are two other materials that are often easy and cheap to obtain and are very easy to spread and apply. If you have a compost pile, using compost as mulch is free and provides nutrients to the soil at the same time.

Experimenting with different mulches in your garden is the best way to find out what your plants like and what works best in your climate and your area. No matter what kind you decide to create, purchase or use, just don’t forget to mulch. It could save your garden from weed infestation and prevent your annoyance while maintaining your garden and landscape.

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