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New ‘Spoiled’ Study Shows That We Continue to Breed Entitlement


Spoiled kids grow into spoiled adults. Don’t believe us, look around your peer group and you can probably figure out who grewPrime Parents Club Spoiled Kids Cities up as a spoiled kid.

Look, we’re not talking about buying your kid the latest character toy on occasion or letting them have a birthday party at that mouse pizza place. No, we’re talking about really spoiled, the kind that creates a sense of entitlement in our kids where they expect everything and everyone to be at their beck and call at the snap of a finger. Think My Super Sweet 16 series, toddler Burberry, 4-year-old beauty pageants, $50 fragrances for little girlsand 2-year-old birthday parties that feature real professional ballerinas or actual race car drivers.

Yeah. That.

A new study released on shows just which cities are raising the “most spoiled” kids.

Bundle looked at spending through merchants that sell toys, clothing and more from tots to teens and came up with the cities, based on spending, where parents spoil their kids the most. Here are your top five:

1. New York (Manhattan), New York, where parents spend over 90% more than the national average.

2. Brooklyn, New York, where parents spend over 67% more than the national average.

3. Miami, Florida, where parents spend over 58% more than the national average.

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota, where parents spend over 46% more than the national average.

5. Tulsa, Oklahoma, where parents spend over 35% more than the national average.

Rounding out the top 10 cities are Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale.

Those spoiled kids of today may just be your entitled neighbors, employees or employers of tomorrow. (Shudder.) Good luck with that.


Where does your city fit? Is your area raising a future entitled kid?


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