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Higher Educated Women Giving Birth Later in Life


Previous decades saw a rise in women furthering careers, choosing educational and career goals over family and having children. However, a recent study says we may be seeing a change in that as women with higher educations are also choosing to have children, just waiting until later in life.

“For the highly educated women born after the late 50s, they are more likely to have children than did previous cohorts, and they are having them near the end of their childbearing years,” Bruce Weinberg, co-author of the new study and professor of economics at Ohio State University, told Science Daily.

The study shows considerable increases in pregnancies for women with graduate education in their late 30s and beyond. Although there is an increase for women with Bachelor degrees, it is not as high as women with graduate education.

One reason we may be seeing an upward trend of women having babies in their late 30s and 40s is due to the increased accessibility of fertility treatments. Additionally, for college educated women with successful careers, expensive fertility treatments may now be more affordable.


Image: Tom Clare

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