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Pin of Week | Festive Layered Jello Cups


By the time July 4th week rolled around this year, I really wasn’t in the cooking party kind of mood. We are in a record-breaking heat wave with no relief in sight, so having a party where I spent hours slaving over a stove and over beforehand had absolutely zero appeal.

Enter Jello.

I’m not usually a fan of Jello in any form–plain, Jello mold, Jello cups, Jello shots. However, when I saw this pin from on Pinterest, I decided to give it a try. 1. It was pretty, and 2. It was easy. 3. It involved no time over the stove. Done.

Festive Layered Jello Cup Desserts Pinterest Pin of Week

Festive Layered Jello Cups

Pinterest Festive Layered Jello Cup Desserts

There’s something about that yummy secret middle layer that made this way better than plain old Jello. Be sure to watch the video to see what we used that transformed it!

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Don’t forget to head over to where she has an entire array of red, white and blue treats for patriotic parties.

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